The Xbox Series X is available online now at Walmart (Update: sold out)

By Cameron Faulkner

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Update August 5th, 4:07 PM ET: The Xbox Series X is no longer in stock at Walmart and the rolling restocks appear to have concluded.

Microsoft’s $500 Xbox Series X is available online for delivery through Walmart. It’s also offering both the PS5 disc-based console and the digital version. The pricier and more powerful Series X that has a disc drive and 1TB of storage has been almost as tough to find as the PlayStation 5, so this restock is very welcome news.

If this is your first time jumping into the ring, there are a few bits of advice that might lead to success for you. Don’t leave the site if the console appears to sell out immediately. Walmart usually releases stock in 10-minute intervals, with the next being at 3:50PM, 4PM, and so forth until it runs out.

I recommend ensuring that you sign in to your Walmart account ahead of time to make sure that your shipping and payment settings are just the way you want them. Lastly, be patient, as sometimes the “add to cart” button will pop up after it appears to be sold out.

We’ll update this post if more retailers offer the new Xbox console.

The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s flagship console, serving as its most powerful (and biggest) option that costs $500. While the Series S is aimed at smooth 1440p performance, the Series X is focused on fast 4K gameplay.

One of the great things about getting an Xbox console is you’ll be able to access a trove of games with the affordable Game Pass Ultimate subscription. If you aren’t sure which games to get, I suggest signing up for a month to start, which should be around $1 if you’re a new subscriber.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold into one package. Subscribers also have access to Microsoft’s cloud gaming service, xCloud, which is compatible with Android devices, iOS, and some browsers.

Other things to consider are accessories. Online retailer Antonline is currently offering a bundle containing the Xbox Wireless Headset and an official Microsoft wireless controller for $140. Purchasing them separately would usually cost you $165. There’s a bundle with the headset paired with a pulse red controller, a shock blue controller, and one with an electric volt controller.

At Antonline, you can get a bundle containing the Xbox Wireless Headset (supports Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless protocol on console or PC) and an Xbox controller for $25 off.