Another year

Dear Listeners,

Hey, another year has gone by! Do they get faster for you too?

I have some new concerts to announce for in 2019 and there will be more! I’ll be honest, I really love to perform but I find touring as an only parent to be tricky and emotionally fraught. That said, I WILL have a few more concerts next year in Europe and North America. Until then, you can get tickets for the ones below at and sign up for my mailing list to hear about new ones.

Feb 9 Burlington, VT ArtsRiot
Mar 31 NYC, NY Joe’s Pub (two shows!)
Apr 4 Chicago, IL Thalia Hall
Apr 5 Detroit, MI The Cube at DSO
Apr 6 Toronto, ON Great Hall
Sep 21 London, UK King’s Place
Sep 22 London, UK King’s Place

Along with thousands of other artists, I got a year in review message from Spotify. The annual summary has some neat data and snazzy infographics in it and I commend Spotify for putting it together.


Since I seem to have a habit of publicly releasing my earnings, I thought this was an occasion to share some more data about my year*. Here you go:2,252,293 Spotify streams -$12,2311,448,186 Pandora listens - $2,818127,313 Amazon Prime - $42762,426 Amazon Music Service - $71623,636 Deezer - $151.8516,838 WiMP - $253 9,453 Napster -$71 5,812 GooglePlay - $1093,936 Youtube Music - $153,443 Tidal - $47

673,000 Apple Music streams - amount, don’t know yet, around $3,900*?

Anyway, I have a lot more to say - I’d like to talk about my analysis of the DIY music landscape in 2018 and what I learned after releasing “Snowmelt” - but…I just have to do it later!