React Native Engineer

Starcity is a lifestyle brand which provides beautifully designed co-living communities in major cities, and we're on track to welcome thousands (and one day millions) of customers to our communities over the coming years. We have awesome backers including Y Combinator, and Bullpen Capital and have been featured in notable publications like The New York Times, Business Insider, San Francisco Chronicle, Silicon Valley Magazine, TechCrunch and many more.

Our mission is to make great cities accessible to everyone. We do that by building beautifully designed coliving homes —a unique new affordable where you can live with great people in the city you love. We’re a tech-enabled company that places a high value on experimentation and excellent craftsmanship.

As a react native engineer you will work on a team that builds beautiful apps for both our team and community. You will work hand-in-hand with our product management and design teams to create mobile experiences that match Starcity's mission: to make living in great cities more accessible, increase community by enabling connections within and without our communities, and decrease inherent operational and administrative friction in a logistics-heavy business. You should be well-versed in JavaScript, mobile development, UI/UX and client/server communication.

Our stack is primarily in Clojure with mobile apps in React Native. We use GraphQL (implemented with lacinia) for our APIs and Datomic as our database. We’re hosted on AWS.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Deliver quality, well-tested code
  • Anticipate edge cases and develop beyond the specs
  • Work in a collaborative environment with technical and non-technical coworkers
  • Write clear documentation for other engineers, code reviewers, coworkers, etc.
  • Provide mentorship to your peers in the form of pair programming and code reviews
Education, Skills and Experience
  • Have released at least one mobile application to the App/Google Play Store
  • Experience with common mobile areas of development such as Push, device APIs, authentication, external APIs, local persistence, etc.
  • Experience with agile development best practices
  • 3+ years of experience with JavaScript
  • 1+ years of experience with React Native
  • Clojure experience
  • Familiarity/experience with server-side programming and/or databases
  • Native iOS or Android development
  • Lived/live in communal housing
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