Impact Challenge – Google AI

Who is eligible?
The Challenge is open to any nonprofit organization, public charity, or for-profit business from around the world, provided that they apply for a project that has a charitable purpose. Unfortunately, individuals without organizational affiliation are ineligible. Public, governmental, and inter-governmental organizations are also ineligible. However, organizations that do meet our eligibility criteria and partner with governments are welcome to apply. Individuals and organizations that ordinarily reside or are located in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria are not eligible to apply.

Can we apply if we’re a for-profit business with a social impact?
For-profit businesses that are registered or formed under the laws of their country may apply if their suggested projects have an explicit charitable purpose. We’re looking for innovators who understand the needs of marginalized and vulnerable populations in their own communities and around the world and are working to create new and unexpected solutions to address social or environmental inequities. Final discretion as to which organizations and which projects are funded is up to Google.

Can my organization submit a joint application with another organization?
Only one organization may be the applicant of record, but we welcome and encourage collaboration - especially between technical and social sector experts. The application allows you to specify partners who will be critical to your work. If your application is selected to receive a grant, the applicant organization will be the sole recipient of the grant, but may subgrant or subcontract with other organizations to complete the proposed project as long as all organizations comply with the terms of the grant agreement.

Should I submit my application in English?
Yes, applications must be submitted in English to be considered. However, we’re willing to work with organizations with varying levels of English ability throughout the review and selection process.

Can my organization submit more than one idea?
We encourage you to strongly consider which project best resonates with our submission criteria and your organization’s strengths. However, if you feel you have two unrelated projects that would each make good candidates, please submit a separate application for each. We will review each one independently. No organization may submit more than two applications, except as designated below.

What if I work for a large organization, like a university, that has many departments - can we submit multiple applications?
Large organizations like colleges and universities are permitted to submit multiple applications. In the case of colleges and universities, we ask that each Principal Investigator submit only one proposal.

What if I am an organization that is fiscally sponsoring another?
Fiscal sponsors can submit more than one application: one for the fiscal sponsor organization itself, and one on behalf of each sponsored group.