Inkscape launches versions 0.92.4 and 1.0 alpha!

Inkscape has launched version 0.92.4 with increased stability and bug fixes. This update delivers some notable performance improvements for extensions, filter rendering, saving and moving paths (with a live path effect), and the measure tool.

The key improvements in this version will enable Inkscape users to do or experience the following:

  • Align multiple objects as a group relative to a single object
  • Write image data to standard output and read from it
  • Experience extensions working faster within complex documents
  • See improved speed when deselecting a path with many nodes
  • Ungroup text elements won’t result in changed font size of children
  • Able to print and / or print correct paper size with printers (especially Canon, EPSON, Konica Minolta)
  • See improved performance of the measure tool when grids are visible
  • See proper opacity of partially transparent embedded bitmap images in PDF export
  • Able to Shift/Ctrl-click on control handles of shapes without crashing
  • Build Inkscape with up-to-date poppler library 0.72.0 – useful for Mac users building with Homebrew

Translation and documentation updates

The Icelandic, Hungarian, Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish user interface (UI) translations have been updated. Inkscape’s Ukranian and Hungarian documentation translations have also been revised in this version.

Join an Inkscape project team

Inkscape is always happy to welcome new contributors. You can help complete documentation, or you can translate various elements of the project into your language. If you would like to contribute, head here to learn how to help.

You can help with writing news and social media outreach or website design, as a member of the Vectors. They are the marketing, outreach, and promotion team for Inkscape. Designers, artists, marketers, writers, and anyone enthusiastic about bringing Inkscape to more people in more places, is welcome to join. If you're an avid system administrator, your skills can be helpful to the project, too.

Of course, there is always room for developers, too, especially those who can help with preparing the upcoming Inkscape 1.0 to be usable on MacOS. As few Inkscape volunteer developers use a Mac, the project needs someone who knows how to automatically package a .dmg file, to enable Mac users to test the alpha version, along with Mac equipment to run continuous integration jobs. In addition, the project could use help to do the following: 

  • Program a great UI for some of the new features in 1.0
  • Fix bugs and implement new features
  • Wrangle Python

Head here to find out more about joining the ranks!

Inkscape development version 1.0 alpha seeking testers

As the project advances towards the release of version 1.0, the Inkscape teams are seeking users interested in testing the alpha version ahead of release. Head here to download the alpha. For Linux users, there is a new AppImage available, thanks to probono!

Bug reporting

Inkscape is switching bug trackers. For new bugs, the project is going to use Gitlab's bug tracker. Most of the project's bug reports are currently still hosted on launchpad, though. When you find an issue with the Alpha version, please check to see whether or not it has been reported on launchpad! If it has been reported, help us move it to GitLab! Add a link to the old bug report in the new bug tracker and help the project by summarizing any additional findings from the old bug report. New issues with the Inkscape program can be flagged here. Read up on detailed bug reporting instructions here.

Watch and the project's social media channels for the latest details. There may be something in store for those who wrangle bugs in the future!

Download version 0.92.4

Get the latest packaged version from the Inkscape website or soon from the package manager that comes with your Linux distribution.

A big 'Thank you!' to members of the Inkscape community, including donors and bug reporters, for all the work that has been put into these releases!