add an encrypted backup to your postgresql database

Having frequently configured postgres instances, getting backups working properly was always an annoying process. A simple agent that encrypts the WAL stream and sends it of to a different server felt like an elegant solution to this problem.

The agent grew to what is now pgbackup. Besides collecting backup data, pgbackup alleviates some of the headaches around monitoring and using point-in-time recovery.

Can you access my data?

No. The pgbackup agent runs locally on your database server, where it encrypts all data (base backups and wal data) before uploading to our storage backend. We have no idea how your database looks like, only an idea of its size.

How does this compare to archive_command or tools such as WAL-E?

All other tools only ship WAL records after a segment is complete. For some (low-write) sites, that might mean your backup lags hours or even days behind.

pgbackup operates directly on the replication stream, encrypting and transmitting changes as they come in.

I have a managed db at AWS/GC/provider. Doesn't this suffice?

A managed postgres instance at a single provider is usually very reliable, but there are still real risks: you might get into a dispute with said provider, someone could accidentally remove database+backup or your (account at) provider might get compromised.

Especially for business critical data, at least 1 off-provider backup is recommended; doing this in an encrypted manner should limit extra liability for data leaks.

How can I get in touch?

Please get in touch via email.

You pay a monthly fee based on your retention period, and are charged for ingress traffic:

$1 / retention-day + $0.10 / GB

Ingesting 100 GB per month is usually enough for databases that do nothing too crazy (~1GB on-disk). With 15 days retention this will cost $25 monthly.

Since we've just launched: early users of our service will get januari and februari 2019 for free.