Storm Elsa floods the NYC subway, dumping torrents of water on riders who are astonished – VIDEO

STORM ELSA brought severe rains, flooding areas of New York City’s crowded subway system.

The depth of the flooding caused by Storm Elsa in New York City last week has been revealed in shocking footage. On Friday, video captured in the city’s subway system shows stunned people watching as water pours down from the floors above onto the platform. Last week, the tropical storm delivered torrential rain and high gusts to the US metropolis, causing major travel disruptions.

The video was shot at the Grand Concourse subway station on 149th Street in the Bronx.

A raging flood of water cascades down the stairwell and onto the platform.

Passengers are seen attempting to disembark from a train as rain continues to pour down the steps.

One commuter, wearing a baseball cap, eventually braves the rushing water and departs the carriage.

Storm Elsa’s bad weather is wreaking havoc on the region, and the 149th St Grand Concourse subway station is no exception.

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Other subway stations have reported similar incidents.

People were videotaped wading waste deep in water at the entrance to one flooded station in northern Manhattan.

On Thursday evening, the tropical storm causes considerable disruption along the US East Coast.

Heavy rain in New York City caused travel mayhem, prompting the city’s temporary transportation commissioner, Sarah Feinberg, to issue a social media warning.

“Drains are operating surprisingly well, and NYCT crews are, as always, working hard and fast and doing fantastic work,” Interim President Sarah Feinberg of New York City Transit stated on Twitter.

“Give them space to work while remaining safe.

She remarked, “The water is receding.”

“Be on the lookout for more storms.”

On Friday afternoon, Storm Elsa passed on from New York City.

Wind speeds of up to 50 mph have been reported by the US National Weather Service as the storm heads east-northeast away from the city.

“Approximately 180 miles east-northeast of New York City NY, or approximately 80 miles northeast of Montauk Point NY… Storm Intensity: 50 mph, according to the service.

“At 31 mph, move northeast or 45 degrees. This will be the last local statement released by the National Weather Service in New York NY about the effects of tropical storm threats on the area as it relates to this event.”