React Tutorial

I've subscribed to a few other React courses online. But nothing compares to this one. Able to easily understand. Course is detailed yet crisp, well structured, and nicely organized. Initial explanations of a concept, followed by Exercises & Projects along with a recap of the chapter is the right mix. React was considered a complex subject by many, but not anymore. - Arun

Jad's React course builds off of the already solid Learn Javascript platform to create a straight forward way to learn React. Concepts are carefully explained and put into practice in a self-contained learning environment. And on top of all of that, there are mobile flashcards to reinforce lessons, an active community for support, and many more bits and pieces that make it special. It's a great experience from beginning to end and I hope it continues forward on other topics. - consolecmnd

Jad’s a fantastic teacher. This React course is another perfect example of that. Bite-sized learning which is concise and in-depth where it matters. The content is wonderfully written, with awesome examples, analogies, and challenges. The course personifies his great understanding of how people learn. If you’re looking to get started with react, look no further! Arjun

What’s great about this React course is the smooth UI and tests that back up your written code. It’s seemingly easy to switch between different files but also through all the well explained exercises and lectures. From the console to the editor, this is probably the first course (at least to my knowledge) that doesn’t require anything but a browser and a.. well computer. It’s superb! - @Bob