Fuck you Android Framework

By The truth

Fuck you Android Framework for those horrible XML I have to write for each screen density. Fuck you for your useless layout editor that generates spaghetti code every time I change something. Fuck you for that Constraint Layout which is the most unused library till this date.

Fuck you for those horrible core components like activities and fragments. Fuck Android OS that can not even manage state changes by itself. Fuck you for those TransactionTooLargeException. I can’t even simply pass the data between UI. Oh, I forgot to fuck all those IllegalStateException from FragmentManager. Fuck you for making me so ill to write this fucking boilerplate code for content providers.

Fuck you for UI components like DrawerLayout and ViewPager. Fuck you because I can’t simply create navigation menu with all activities. Fuck you because now I have to answer my manager that why did I waste two fucking days just to set custom fonts in menu. Fuck you for all your UI components in the support libraries. Fuck you for your NotificationCompat that changes API every year for every OS version. Your support libraries need more libraries to support. Each class in those libraries will have suffix ‘CompatCompat’.

Fuck you for your media components. I can’t even think to make a simple camera app. Fuck you for your VideoView, MediaPlayer and SurfaceView. Fuck all OEMs for implementing their own media stack.

Fuck you for all async primitives in the framework. Fuck you for your horrible AsncTasks. Fuck you for making me dependent on third party libraries for building simplest things. Fuck you for that shittiest WebView APIs. Fuck you for providing such a great security to my app that any fucking idiot can decompile it and do whatever he wants.

So, fuck you Google for making my life miserable by being an Android developer. Fuck you for your poor over-engineering that couldn’t make just what is expected. FUCK YOU!