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Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that helps companies easily overcome many business challenges. When we look at it, we can see that almost every company uses Azure to increase sales, be more efficient and create applications. It is also known that many companies that want to use Azure have hired Azure-certified personnel. If you want to get Azure certificate, we will share Azure training courses with you.

Do you want to earn this salary as a certified Azure employee? This content, prepared by the experts of Courses Buddy, will list the best courses for 2019 and you can learn from Azure from scratch!

Top 5 Microsoft Azure Certifications

We will share the most popular for you and then recommend Azure training courses on these certificates.

  • AZ-100: This certificate is among the most requested to become an Azure administrator. You must obtain this certificate to apply as a manager candidate to the workplace. General information about the cloud system, security and similar issues will be enough to pass the certification exam.
  • AZ-101: Higher than AZ-100. You have to be familiar with command client, Powershell and so on. In addition, ARM templates, storage, networking, such as the basic level of knowledge will be useful.
  • AZ-300: Do you want to be an Azure architect? Then you need the AZ-300 certificate. You can encounter IT, security, data management, etc. during the exam of this certificate.
  • 70-533: Microsoft’s 70-533 certificate is no longer available, but it is still one of the most sought-after and requested certificates. To become an Azure Administrator and to learn much about Azure, the 70-533 certification was enough. However, instead of this, the certificates I listed above are valid now.
  • AZ-900: The AZ-900, a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, is generally known as a recommended certificate for administrator candidates before taking other exams or certifications.

Why Should I Get MS Azure Certification?

Almost every day these questions are asked on platforms like Google, Quora and Reddit. Why should I have an Azure administrator certificate?

  • According to the report created by Microsoft 1000 people per day or organizations are starting to use Azure. This statistic is very valuable because it means that Azure is a very popular cloud system. Now, rethink the business opportunities associated with this cloud system.
  • 57% of companies in Fortune 500 companies list use Azure. Not only small firms and individuals, but also huge companies benefit from this cloud system, not coincidence!
  • In recent years, the UK Government has been officially accredited to this cloud system. This may be a sign that the cloud system can be used even more in large companies within the UK.
  • Cloud usage has been increasing since 2015. We are in 2019. If you still don’t know the cloud systems, we suggest you don’t be late to learn.
  • The use of MS Azure has captured AWS. In fact, for the moment, the most serious competitor of AWS is Azure.
  • Azure is a cloud system that you can learn more easily than AWS, and you are familiar with the computer you use every day on Microsoft systems.

Best Azure Training Courses

So what do you need to do to get MS Azure certificates? You have two options. If you want, you can go to pre-exam preparation courses recommended by Microsoft in your city and then take MS Azure certification exams. Another option is online Azure training. Thanks to the online training sets, you can easily learn everything about MS Azure in your home, at work, on your mobile device.

We have compiled the best MS Azure courses of 2019 for you. In this review prepared by our experts, you will be able to find the best courses and you get the certificate as soon as possible.

Pluralsight + Microsoft Azure Training [FREE]

Pluralsight, as a Microsoft partner, gives you Azure certification training. You can take lessons to become Azure Developer or Azure administrator. If you’re looking for a free Azure training, one of our recommendations is definitely Pluralsight’s courses.

  • Totally free.
  • Easily accessible on mobile.
  • Fast learning process.

edX Azure Certification Courses [FREE]

edX is a platform that has been providing free courses for a long time, and there are many courses related to Azure. If you want to get information about Virtual Network, machines, databases and start learning the cloud system, edX can be the right choice.

In addition, teachers at edX is sametime working at Microsoft!

  • Prepared by Microsoft employees.
  • Informative about many topics.
  • Especially ideal for starting.

AZ-300 Azure Architecture Technologies Certification Exam

If you need AZ-300 certification, one of the most popular Udemy courses in recent years is Scott Duffy’s. The AZ-300 Azure Architecture Technologies Certification Exam, which is updated on the latest 1/2019 and is therefore still a current course, prepares you for AZ-300 certification.

With over 48.000+ students and Udemy’s Bestseller, you will learn design solutions at Microsoft Azure and pass the AZ-300 exam at the first time! If you look at the comments of the course, many students say that they have passed the exam thanks to this Azure training.

Scott, an AWS and an Azure trainer, has many courses about cloud systems. So if you’re looking for an Azure training course and want an AZ-300 certificate, I suggest you buy this course.

  • 24 Hours video content.
  • 42 Articles + 2 downloadable sources.
  • Practice tests and quizzes!

AZ-102 – Azure Administrator Certification Transition

This course, published by Alan Rodrigues in Udemy, is offered for those who will take the AZ-102 certification exam. On June 30, this certificate is retired and our recommendation is that if you need this certificate, you need to make preparations to get this certificate through an online Azure training.

Although it is a new course, many students like this, because all the information you need is given. So you can pass the exam easily and get the certificate. Thanks to Rodrigues’ course, where you can take lessons on implementation, manage networks, secure identities and many more, you will soon be an Azure administrator.

  • 6,5 Hours video content.
  • 3 Articles + 2 downloadable sources.
  • 1 Practice test.

AZ-302 Azure Solutions Architect Transition Exam Cert Prep

Have you passed the 70-535 exam in the retired category and have the certificate? Do you want to take the AZ-302 exam and receive Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification? This course by Scott Duffy is one of the best for those who want to take the AZ-302 exam.

You can find lessons about develop cloud, workloads, security, identity and more. We’ve mentioned Scott before. It is obvious that he was a successful teacher, but if you have any doubts, you can check the comments section in his courses.

  • 3 Hours video content.
  • 4 Articles + 2 downloadable sources.
  • You can learn latest features with this Azure training.

AZ-900 Azure Exam Prep: Understanding Core Azure Services

Would you like to learn Core Azure services and get AZ-900 certification as soon as possible? This course, prepared by Thomas Mitchell, is the latest in 2019 and contains the freshest information.

If you want to be an Azure administrator, it’s best for us to start with the fundamentals certificate. At this Azure training, you can learn Azure architecture and how to use management tools. In addition, you get lessons about Virtual Network, Load Balancer, CDN and more…

You can take the AZ-900 exam and receive your certificate after this wonderful course, which is not a technical and only teaches you the terminology!

  • 2 Hours video content.
  • For AZ-900 certification.
  • The most successful course for the start.
  • Learning Azure terminology and architecture in a short time.

A-Z Machine Learning & Data Science – Azure Machine Learning

In recent years, Azure Machine Learning Studio is known as the game changer in data science. Azure ML, which enables you to create machine learning models in the cloud system with its advantages, can become a leader in Data Science field in the future. If you are interested in Machine Learning, Data Science and the Azure trio, the most successful course on this subject is Jitesh Khurkhuriya’s.

A-Z Machine Learning & Data Science – Azure Machine Learning is a great course where you can learn how to create ML Algorithms without code. In addition, Jitesh can answer your questions immediately.

With this Azure training, you can also prepare for the Azure 70-774 exam. This exam is of particular interest to data scientist and analysts.

  • 11 Hours video content.
  • 2 Articles + 38 downloadable sources.
  • For MS Azure 70-774 exam.

More Courses?

We have provided information about the Microsoft Azure certification roadmap and the best courses of 2019. In the coming months, when the new Azure courses are published, we will review whether they are successful or not, and add them to this list if they are good enough.

We hope that Azure training resources we share with you will help.