Making deer glow to prevent cars from hitting them

I’ve hit just one deer and it’s not because it was standing in the middle of the road. It could have been limned in neon and I still couldn’t have stopped the truck as it leapt in front of me.


It’s more about losing livestock. Reindeer are semi-domesticated.


So they’re safe. . . until molting season.

They are rarely alone.


Looks less florescent, and more reflective. My dad got his hands some of that paint and went around in the county and painted these ubiquitous concrete pillars of these small bridges throughout Osage County gravel roads back when he was the County Weed Man. Er… Noxious weed, not the other kind. Wasn’t part of his job, as much as they were hard to see at night and wanted to see them better.

Was going to say the same thing. Deer strikes are just part of Midwest life. I guess I have only hit one deer, and it was a fawn that just came out of nowhere and smacked into the corner of my bumper. I felt soooo bad. My kid was in the car and I just kept going. I didn’t want her to be mad that I killed Bambi.

When I was a kid we ran into one coming back from pizza night. I remember it was in a flash in front of us. Another time, my dad nailed one with his Mazda GLC, a little compact car from the 70s. He ended up finding it later with and took the rack. Glued the little emblem from his car onto the mount and called it his .357 Mazda.

Pro tip, if you see one, slow down, there almost always more, especially during rutting season when the males are especially stupid.


Trains are even worse. The big ore trains from Kiruna to Narvik can only turn on the windshield vipers if a herd of reindeer are on the track.

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OK but what about wolves with wi-fi probably reading this?

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Also a fixture of the Midwest are those stupid anti-deer car whistles people stick on their bumpers. They don’t scare deer away and the deer certainly hear the car long before–they just don’t care.

My close call–a small herd was grazing within a few feet of a very busy interstate outside of KC at dusk. I just caught sight of them but thought I was OK as they all had their heads down. Then they flinched. One took a big leap into the road, almost running into the side of the car in front of me, and was now in my lane. Thankfully, its second leap was to follow the rest of the herd going back down the embankment. Gillette’s got nothing; that was a close shave.

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No use saving them from cars if it attracts wolf, I thought to myself, so I looked it up, Norway and Sweden are WAY bigger than Minnesota, and have a 10th as many wolves. I was surprised by that.

All of my friends who’ve hit a white tail deer said it came out of no where. I don’t think glowing would have prevented any of the accidents.

Same here. I did not hit that deer. The deer hit me.

It jumped into the side of my car as I was driving by. Fortunately, neither my car or the deer was hurt.

But reflective antlers would not have done a thing.

Reindeer are livestock and Lapland AFAIK doesn’t have wolves it has wolverines.


Seems like a legit concern for someone called elk.


It seems to me if the answer is “paint their antlers with glowing paint”, you’re asking the wrong question.

was just coming in here to say this, yes! Seems like an imgur post blew up yesterday and a ton of outlets are reporting this as if it isn’t a failed experiment from seven years ago. :upside_down_face:

Only if McDonald’s starts serving venison burgers

Vaccinate them ! Have Bill Gates insert a chip that turns them into mobile wifi hotspots and their antlers into antenna’s. An app would alert approaching cars and the vehicle’s ABS would automatically activate.

Better to put a glowing cross above each deer. The Jagermeister logo definitely connotes ‘stay away’ to me for some deeply ingrained reason

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My patronus!

(Don’t @ me, I’m no terf.)

Sorry to be that guy, but 4000 car vs reindeer incidents a years sounds like an awful lot. A quick rummage around the internet tells me that this means all but two crashes* in Finland in 2019 involved reindeer.

*I know that says 4002 incidents with personal injury, but if the impact is hard enough to kill the reindeer, the driver will be pretty fucked up too.

The were officially extinct in Norway and Sweden until 1983 when a den was found. I don’t know if a tiny population had lived there all the time or if they had just immigrated from the East. Still a lot of hatred of wolves both for taking livestock, for competing with hunters for elk and for threatining dogs. I think the initial fear that they would go around killing humans has subsided, to the extent it was ever real and not just an excuse to get rid of them.

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