LocalBitcoins Christmas Webinar on 19 December! Win iPad!

By LocalBitcoins

Dec 11, 2020 · 3 min read

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¡Webinar de Navidad de LocalBitcoins el 19 de diciembre! ¡Gana un iPad!

LocalBitcoins is holding its second live webinar on Saturday, 19 December at 2 pm UTC time (4 pm Helsinki time).

The topic of the webinar will be about the future of Bitcoin and LocalBitcoins in 2021 and will be held in English. We will also look at why Bitcoin is likely to have the most important year to date coming up and why.

If you’re now joining the LocalBitcoins’ family, you’re still early! To make sure that you’re gonna have the best possible experience on LocalBitcoins now and in the upcoming year, we will discuss together the best trading practices on LocalBitcoins.

Also, Christmas is coming up and of course we want everyone in the LocalBitcoins family to get a lovely gift! So, we will have a competition and the winner is going to get a brand new iPad as a Christmas gift from LocalBitcoins. The runner up (the person who gets the 2nd place), will get an air pods headset.

How to take part in the competition? There are only 2 conditions to qualify for the giveaway:

First, you need to have an active LocalBitcoins account that is verified to Tier 2 or above. If you don’t have one yet, please create it as soon as possible by signing up here.

Secondly, you need to make at least one trade with your account between midday UTC on Friday, 11 December and midday UTC on Friday, 18 December. You can buy bitcoins, sell bitcoins, you can use someone else’s ad or do it using your own. The only criteria is that the trade amount needs to be at least 0.001 BTC. We chose this small amount to make sure everyone can get started and win the iPad!

And then, to make it more fun, we shall play a game and that’s how the winners will be decided!

You need to guess what the Bitcoin price will be in US dollars during the webinar at exactly 2:30 pm UTC on 19 December. Please specify the price you’re guessing to the single cent. For example, 21,345.67 is a good entry, because it’s very specific. 21,000 is a bad entry, because it’s very general.

During the webinar, we will check what the price is at exactly that time using the Bitcoin price calculator on LocalBitcoins website. The closest bid will win and the second closest bid will get the second place! In case there’s a tie, the winner and the runner up will be chosen randomly among those who tied.

So, fill in this form, there you just need to input your qualifying LocalBitcoins’ username & enter your guess. Remember — you need to conduct the qualifying trade and enter your guess before midday UTC on Friday, 18 December!

Help share the Christmas love in the LocalBitcoins family by sharing this post across your social media, and, of course, take part in the competition and tune in on 19 December to find out who the winner is!