Over 500 Top PDFs posted to Hacker News in 2018

Hacker News is a GREAT source of tech news but one of the things I really like about it is when insanely smart people post actual PDFs they've found.

In the past I've seen PDFs from text books, brilliant original research and even old trusted technical books from the 80s and 90s.

So I figured it would be interesting to compute the top PDFs from 2018.

At Datastreamer (my company when not working on Polar) we have nearly a petabyte of web data to play with. We provide data indexing services for companies serious indexing web data (think search engines).

Turns out we have 12 copies of Hacker News for every day of 2018.

How it's calculated

So I threw some code together to quickly parse out the top links. I actually thought they would be helpful for users of Polar so I decided to share with class.

This is computed by taking any link to a PDF file that was on the front page at least once in a 24 hour period.

The List!

Without further ado, here's the full list of the top PDFs from Hacker News in 2018.

2. Assembly Language for Beginners [pdf]
3. The Periodic Table of Data Structures [pdf]
4. Competitive Programmer's Handbook (2017) [pdf]
5. DEF CON report on vulnerabilities in US election infrastructure [pdf]
6. Original Source code for the Furby [pdf]
8. Selected Essays of Richard M. Stallman [pdf]
9. The Site Reliability Workbook: Practical Ways to Implement SRE [pdf]
10. Intel Analysis of Speculative Execution Side Channels [pdf]
11. Vipassana for Hackers [pdf]
12. Writing Network Drivers in Rust [pdf]
13. NSA posters from the 50s and 60s [pdf]
14. iOS 11 Security [pdf]
15. Cognitive Distortions of People Who Get Stuff Done (2012) [pdf]
16. Apple T2 Security Chip: Security Overview [pdf]
18. The Awk Programming Language (1988) [pdf]
19. The $25B eigenvector (2006) [pdf]
20. Teach Yourself Logic: A Study Guide [pdf]
22. Software-Defined Radio for Engineers [pdf]
23. Notes on Discrete Mathematics (2017) [pdf]
26. Socioeconomic group classification based on user features [pdf]
27. Apple Supplier List – Top 200 [pdf]
29. How to Write a Technical Paper [pdf]
30. The Making of Prince of Persia (2011) [pdf]
31. PID Without a PhD (2016) [pdf]
32. Principles of Algorithmic Problem Solving (2017) [pdf]
33. Public.resource.org wins appeal on right to publish the law [pdf]
34. MIT Career Development Handbook [pdf]
35. Seven Puzzles You Think You Must Not Have Heard Correctly (2006) [pdf]
37. Self-Awareness for Introverts [pdf]
38. House Oversight Committee Report on Equifax Breach [pdf]
39. Apple File System Reference [pdf]
40. The original pitch for Diablo (1994) [pdf]
42. Berkshire Hathaway 2017 Annual Letter [pdf]
44. It Takes Two Neurons to Ride a Bicycle (2004)
45. United States v. Microsoft Corp. Dismissed [pdf]
47. How to find hidden cameras (2002) [pdf]
48. The Evolution of C Programming Practices: A Study of Unix (2016) [pdf]
49. Blockchains from a Distributed Computing Perspective [pdf]
50. How to Architect a Query Compiler, Revisited [pdf]
51. Foundations of Data Science [pdf]
52. A Wandering Mind Is an Unhappy Mind (2010) [pdf]
54. Bumper Sticker Computer Science (1985) [pdf]
55. Facebook Q1 2018 Earnings Slides [pdf]
57. Microsoft Word for Windows 1.0 Postmortem (1989) [pdf]
58. Architecture of a Database System (2007) [pdf]
59. Money creation in the modern economy (2014) [pdf]
61. Bayes’ Theorem in the 21st Century (2013) [pdf]
62. How to scale a distributed system [pdf]
63. How to write Mathematics (1970) [pdf]
64. How Rust Is Tilde’s Competitive Advantage [pdf]
65. Rendered Insecure: GPU Side Channel Attacks Are Practical [pdf]
66. The Rate of Return on Everything, 1870–2015 [pdf]
67. Speech and Language Processing, 3rd Edition [pdf]
70. Alphabet Announces Second Quarter 2018 Results [pdf]
71. Evolution of Emacs Lisp [pdf]
73. Deep image reconstruction from human brain activity [pdf]
74. A Lisp Way to Type Theory and Formal Proofs (2017) [pdf]
75. Computer Science I [pdf]
76. IEEE Position Statement in Support of Strong Encryption [pdf]
77. The Economic Limits of Bitcoin and the Blockchain [pdf]
78. Show HN: Software Architecture, all you need to know [pdf]
80. Breakout implemented in JavaScript in a PDF
81. The Mathematics of Quantum Mechanics [pdf]
82. Going IPv6 Only [pdf]
83. The Basic Ideas in Neural Networks (1994) [pdf]
84. NIST: Blockchain Technology Overview [pdf]
85. Do you need a blockchain?
86. Writing Network Drivers in Go [pdf]
87. Introduction to Functional Programming (1988) [pdf]
88. DeepLog: Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis from System Logs (2017) [pdf]
90. Setting Up a Cayman Islands Company [pdf]
91. The Jury Is In: Monolithic OS Design Is Flawed [pdf]
92. Modern Code Review: A Case Study at Google [pdf]
94. Email exchange between MIT Media Lab and the IOTA Foundation [pdf]
95. Linear logic and deep learning [pdf]
96. Reviving Smalltalk-78 (2014) [pdf]
97. Bandit Algorithms Book [pdf]
101. The physics of baking good pizza [pdf]
102. Get Billions of Correct Digits of Pi from a Wrong Formula (1999) [pdf]
103. Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View (2017) [pdf]
105. The Simple Essence of Automatic Differentiation [pdf]
106. Programming Paradigms and Beyond [pdf]
107. Alphabet Q1 2018 Earnings [pdf]
108. State of Multicore OCaml [pdf]
109. The Meta-Problem of Consciousness [pdf]
110. What do Stanford CS PhD students think of their PhD program? [pdf]
111. The weird and wonderful world of constructive mathematics (2017) [pdf]
112. Low-Latency Video Processing Using Thousands of Tiny Threads [pdf]
114. C++ Core Coroutines Proposal [pdf]
115. Power Laws and Rich-Get-Richer Phenomena (2010) [pdf]
116. A Taste of Linear Logic (1993) [pdf]
119. Notation as a Tool of Thought (1979) [pdf]
121. Fallacies of Distributed Computing Explained (2006) [pdf]
122. Fuzzing the OpenBSD Kernel [pdf]
124. The Birth of Prolog (1992) [pdf]
125. Is IPv6 only for the Rich? [pdf]
126. One parameter is always enough [pdf]
127. A Plan 9 C compiler for RISC-V [pdf]
128. Security Analysis of WireGuard [pdf]
129. Automatic Differentiation in Machine Learning: A Survey [pdf]
130. Pledge and Unveil in OpenBSD [pdf]
133. NetSpectre: Read Arbitrary Memory Over Network [pdf]
134. The Byzantine Generals Problem (1982) [pdf]
135. A plea for lean software (1995) [pdf]
137. Motorola M68000 Family Programmer’s Reference Manual (1992) [pdf]
138. Dissecting QNX [pdf]
139. The Foundations of Mathematics (2007) [pdf]
140. Oberon System Implemented on a Low-Cost FPGA Board (2015) [pdf]
141. Why Minimal Guidance During Instruction Does Not Work (2006) [pdf]
142. Efficient Methods and Hardware for Deep Learning [pdf]
143. Google’s secret and Linear Algebra (2004) [pdf]
144. The Art of Approximation in Science and Engineering [pdf]
145. Towards an optical FPGA – Programmable silicon photonic circuits [pdf]
146. Pythran: Crossing the Python Frontier [pdf]
147. What's hidden in the hidden layers? (1989) [pdf]
148. The Haskell School of Music – From Signals to Symphonies (2014) [pdf]
149. Giftedness and Genius: Crucial Differences (1996) [pdf]
150. Sketchpad: A man-machine graphical communication system (1963) [pdf]
151. The Future of Computing: Logic or Biology (2003) [pdf]
152. Predicting Price Changes in Ethereum (2017) [pdf]
153. An Introduction to Mathematical Optimal Control Theory [pdf]
154. Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas (1980) [pdf]
156. The Effects of Computer Use on Eye Health and Vision (1997) [pdf]
157. Actor Model of Computation (2010) [pdf]
158. Exploiting URL Parser in Programming Languages (2017) [pdf]
159. Border Search of Electronic Devices – CBP Directive [pdf]
160. Physics as a Way of Thinking (1936) [pdf]
161. Web Prolog and the Programmable Prolog Web [pdf]
162. Fifty Years of Shannon Theory (1998) [pdf]
163. Unskilled and Unaware of It (1999) [pdf]
165. Debugging across pipes and sockets with strace [pdf]
166. A History of the Erlang VM (2011) [pdf]
167. How to do with probabilities what people say you can’t (1985) [pdf]
168. Police Use of Force: An Examination of Modern Policing Practices [pdf]
170. Efficient Hot-Water Piping (2013) [pdf]
171. Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G (2017) [pdf]
172. A micro manual for Lisp – Not the whole truth (1978) [pdf]
173. Everything You Wanted to Know About Synchronization (2013) [pdf]
174. The Strong Free Will Theorem (2009) [pdf]
175. The art of Virtual Analog filter design [pdf]
176. Human-Centric Tools for Navigating Code [pdf]
179. 802.11 with Multiple Antennas for Dummies (2009) [pdf]
180. Self-Regulated Learning: Beliefs, Techniques, and Illusions [pdf]
181. Scikit-learn user guide (2017) [pdf]
182. $vau: the ultimate abstraction (2010) [pdf]
183. Design of a low-level C++ template SIMD library [pdf]
185. Do Developers Understand IEEE Floating Point? [pdf]
187. Newton’s Financial Misadventures in the South Sea Bubble [pdf]
189. JITing PostgreSQL using LLVM [pdf]
190. The Evolution of Bitcoin Hardware [pdf]
191. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Optical Networking [pdf]
192. Cross-Platform Language Design [pdf]
193. The Evolution of Operating Systems (2000) [pdf]
194. The Z Garbage Collector: An Introduction [pdf]
195. Nagini: A Static Verifier for Python [pdf]
196. Mininet on OpenBSD: Interactive SDN Testing and Development [pdf]
197. Design and Implementation of a 256-Core BrainFuck Computer [pdf]
198. Logic is Metaphysics (2011) [pdf]
199. On the rheology of cats (2014) [pdf]
203. The usefulness of useless knowledge (1939) [pdf]
204. An FPGA-based In-line Accelerator for Memcached (2013) [pdf]
205. US Surgeon General Declares E-cigarette Epidemic Among Youth [pdf]
206. Practical Examples in Data Oriented Design (2013) [pdf]
208. FlureeDB, a Practical Decentralized Database (2017) [pdf]
209. Communicating Sequential Processes (1978) [pdf]
210. Pallene: A statically typed companion language for Lua [pdf]
214. Exploring C Semantics and Pointer Provenance [pdf]
215. The Battle of the Schedulers: FreeBSD ULE vs. Linux CFS [pdf]
217. Linear types can change the world (1990) [pdf]
218. Designing and building a distributed data store in Go [pdf]
219. How does a GPU shader core work? [pdf]
220. Outlier Detection Techniques (2010) [pdf]
221. UnicodeMath – A Nearly Plain-Text Encoding of Mathematics (2016) [pdf]
223. The Quantum Theory and Reality (1979) [pdf]
225. Model-Free, Model-Based, and General Intelligence [pdf]
226. The Algorithmic Foundations of Differential Privacy (2014) [pdf]
227. History of Lisp (1979) [pdf]
228. Threads Cannot Be Implemented as a Library (2005) [pdf]
230. Why Systolic Architectures? (1982) [pdf]
231. The Next 700 Programming Languages (1965) [pdf]
232. Opening the Hood of a Word Processor (1984) [pdf]
234. Canopy: An End-to-End Performance Tracing And Analysis System [pdf]
235. Building Robust Systems (2008) [pdf]
241. Ghostbuster: Detecting the Presence of Hidden Eavesdroppers [pdf]
242. Low-Level Thinking in High-Level Shading Languages (2013) [pdf]
244. Logic Programming and Compiler Writing (1980) [pdf]
245. A survey of attacks against Intel x86 over last 10 years (2015) [pdf]
246. Typed Clojure in Theory and Practice [pdf]
247. How to Subvert Backdoored Encryption [pdf]
248. Who Are These Economists, Anyway? (2009) [pdf]
250. A Pedagogical Analysis of Online Coding Tutorials [pdf]
251. Unix: Building a Development Environment from Scratch (2016) [pdf]
254. A First Course in Design and Analysis of Experiments (2010) [pdf]
255. Galois Field in Cryptography (2012) [pdf]
256. USDZ File Format Specification [pdf]
257. Austerity and the rise of the Nazi party [pdf]
258. Sinking of the US Cargo Vessel El Faro: Illustrated digest [pdf]
259. This architecture tastes like microarchitecture [pdf]
260. Parsing with Derivatives: A Functional Pearl (2011) [pdf]
261. The Consistency of Arithmetic [pdf]
262. The Potentiometer Handbook (1975) [pdf]
263. A visual history of the future (2014) [pdf]
264. The Computer for the 21st Cenury (1991) [pdf]
267. Leisure Luxuries and the Labor Supply of Young Men [pdf]
268. How did software get so reliable without proof? (1996) [pdf]
269. Understanding Simpson’s Paradox (2013) [pdf]
270. F1 Query: Declarative Querying at Google Scale [pdf]
271. How to Print Floating-Point Numbers Accurately (1990) [pdf]
274. APL\3000 – HP Journal – July 1977 [pdf]
275. On Intelligence in Cells: The Case for Whole Cell Biology (2009) [pdf]
276. GraalSqueak: A Fast Smalltalk Bytecode Interpreter [pdf]
277. Towards Stealthy Manipulation of Road Navigation Systems [pdf]
278. Monoid machines: a O(log n) parser for regular languages (2006) [pdf]
279. A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks (1970) [pdf]
280. BleedingBit: The hidden attack surface within BLE chips [pdf]
281. 2018 Deloitte Millennial Survey [pdf]
283. Huygens: Scalable, Fine-grained Clock Synchronization [pdf]
284. The Case for Shared Nothing (1986) [pdf]
285. “Little Languages” by Jon Bentley (1986) [pdf]
286. Optimizing Paxos with batching and pipelining (2012) [pdf]
287. The Structure of “Unstructured” Decision Processes (1976) [pdf]
289. Building a Self-Healing Operating System (2007) [pdf]
290. Static Program Analysis [pdf]
291. Evidence for biological shaping of hair ice (2015) [pdf]
292. Security Chasms of WASM [pdf]
293. IRS: Review of the System Failure That Led to the Tax Day Outage [pdf]
294. The CONS microprocessor (1974) [pdf]
298. The Socratic Method in an Age of Trauma (2017) [pdf]
299. To Kill a Centrifuge (2013) [pdf]
300. Deep Learning: A Critical Appraisal [pdf]
301. Design case history: the Commodore 64 (1985) [pdf]
302. Sulong: Finding Errors in C Programs [pdf]
304. Chipforge opensource foundry [pdf]
305. Introduction to the Mumps Language (2017) [pdf]
307. The next 700 programming languages (1966) [pdf]
308. Detecting Consciousness (2017) [pdf]
309. Cure53: Browser Security Whitepaper (2017) [pdf]
310. How to Catch When Proxies Lie [pdf]
311. Bringup is Hard [pdf]
312. Functional Pearl: Enumerating the Rationals [pdf]
313. Computation and State Machines (2008) [pdf]
316. Reverse-Engineering WebAssembly [pdf]
317. Still All on One Server: Perforce at Scale (2011) [pdf]
319. Specializing Ropes for Ruby [pdf]
322. Why Threads Are a Bad Idea (1995) [pdf]
323. Compiler Construction: The Art of Niklaus Wirth (2000) [pdf]
324. Understanding, finding, and eliminating ground loops (2003) [pdf]
325. Fuzzy Logic in Agent-Based Game Design [pdf]
326. No Causal Effect of Music Practice on Ability (2014) [pdf]
327. Dynamic Automatic Differentiation of GPU Broadcast Kernels [pdf]
328. The Problem with Threads (2006) [pdf]
329. Inside the Windows 95 File System (1997) [pdf]
330. Computational Complexity of Air Travel Planning (2003) [pdf]
331. Racklog: Prolog Style Logic Programming [pdf]
332. A Failure of Academic Quality Control [pdf]
333. An Empirical Study of the Reliability of Unix Utilities (1989) [pdf]
335. How the Reformulation of OxyContin Ignited the Heroin Epidemic [pdf]
336. Basic Cave Diving: A Blueprint for Survival (1986) [pdf]
337. CFTC and SEC Testimony on Cryptocurrencies [pdf]
338. Zero-overhead deterministic exceptions: Throwing values [pdf]
339. Cryptographically Certified Hypothesis Testing [pdf]
340. A History of Capacity Challenges in Computer Science [pdf]
342. Exploiting Coroutines to Attack the “Killer Nanoseconds” [pdf]
343. Pycket: A Tracing JIT For a Functional Language (2015) [pdf]
344. Systems Software Research is Irrelevant (2000) [pdf]
345. Welcome to DNS, or Saving the DNS Camel [pdf]
346. The Dark (Patterns) Side of UX Design [pdf]
347. Monads for functional programming (1995) [pdf]
348. Online Tracking: A 1M-site Measurement and Analysis [pdf]
351. Methods for Studying Coincidences (1989) [pdf]
352. To Explain or to Predict? (2010) [pdf]
354. Imperfect Forward Secrecy: How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice
357. An FPGA Implementation of a Distributed Virtual Machine [pdf]
358. The Trouble with Macroeconomics (2016) [pdf]
359. Clascal Reference Manual for the Lisa (1983) [pdf]
361. The Scheme Machine (1994) [pdf]
362. Mathematics in the 20th century – Sir Michael Atiyah [pdf]
363. Why Echo Chambers Are Useful [pdf]
364. Building a Bw-Tree Takes More Than Just Buzz Words [pdf]
365. The History, Controversy, and Evolution of the Goto Statement [pdf]
366. Automated PCB Reverse Engineering (2017) [pdf]
367. New Hardware for Massive Neural Networks (1988) [pdf]
368. Entity Component Systems and Data Oriented Design [pdf]
371. Flare: An Approach to Routing in Lightning Network (2016) [pdf]
372. Bicycle Technology (1973) [pdf]
374. Overload Control for Scaling WeChat Microservices [pdf]
376. Show HN: A Root Cause Analysis EBook [pdf]
377. Survival in the first hours of the Cenozoic (2004) [pdf]
378. The Discoveries of Continuations (1993) [pdf]
379. Oral History of John Backus (2006) [pdf]
380. Peeking Behind the Curtains of Serverless Platforms [pdf]
381. A Mathematician’s Apology (1940) [pdf]
382. LHD: Improving Cache Hit Rate by Maximizing Hit Density [pdf]
383. Direction for ISO C++ [pdf]
384. Fortifying Macros (2010) [pdf]
385. Deprecating the Observer Pattern (2010) [pdf]
386. Compiler Fuzzing Through Deep Learning [pdf]
387. You Could Have Invented Spectral Sequences (2006) [pdf]
389. Herbert Simon: The Architecture of Complexity (1962) [pdf]
390. Reminiscences of the VLSI Revolution (2012) [pdf]
391. Finger Printing Data [pdf]
393. CloudKit: Structured Storage for Mobile Applications [pdf]
395. Hints for Computer System Design (1983) [pdf]
396. The Computer and the Brain (1958) [pdf]
397. Natural Sounding Artificial Reverberation (1962) [pdf]
398. Self-reference and Logic (2005) [pdf]
399. Techniques of Systems Analysis (1957) [pdf]
400. Implementing SIP Telephony in Python (2008) [pdf]
401. Practical Memory Safety with Random Embedded Secret Tokens [pdf]
404. The Tyranny of the Clock (2012) [pdf]
405. Bfloat16 – Hardware Numerics Definition [pdf]
407. Genetic Predisposition to Obesity and Medicare Expenditures [pdf]
408. Imperfect Forward Secrecy: How Diffie-Hellman Fails in Practice (2015)
409. Mathematical Metaphysics (2015) [pdf]
410. Retpoline: A Branch Target Injection Mitigation [pdf]
411. Essentials of Metaheuristics (2015) [pdf]
412. Verifying Concurrent Programs Using Contracts (2017) [pdf]
413. The TX-2 Computer and Sketchpad (2012) [pdf]
414. Ground: A Data Context Service [pdf]
415. SoC it to EM: EM side-channel attacks on a complex SoC [pdf]
417. NIST Uncertainty Machine – User’s Manual [pdf]
418. Three Generations of Asynchronous Microprocessors (2003) [pdf]
420. Mill CPU is Immune to Spectre, Meltdown [pdf]
422. Contracts in OpenBSD (2010) [pdf]
424. Science and Linguistics (1940)
425. Gray Failure: The Achilles' Heel of Cloud-Scale Systems [pdf]
426. KLEAK: Practical Kernel Memory Disclosure Detection [pdf]
427. The Design and Implementation of Hyperupcalls [pdf]
428. On the Work of Edward Witten (1990) [pdf]
429. The function of dream sleep (1983) [pdf]
430. Recollections of Early Chip Development at Intel [pdf]
431. The tragedy of the commons in evolutionary biology (2007) [pdf]
433. Unique IPv6 prefix per host [pdf]
434. Pepper's Cone: An Inexpensive Do-It-Yourself 3D Display [pdf]
435. BaSiX – A Basic interpreter written in TeX (1990) [pdf]
436. The Metaphysical Transparency of Truth (2017) [pdf]
437. Stateless Network Functions (2017) [pdf]
438. Direct Conversion Receivers: Some Amateur Radio History [pdf]
439. #ifdef considered harmful (1992) [pdf]
440. The Forgetfulness of Beings (1997) [pdf]
441. Designing experiments for understanding performance [pdf]
442. Visual overview of radiator valves used in Germany [pdf]
443. Code Inflation (2015) [pdf]
444. The Natural Rate of Interest Is Zero (2004) [pdf]
445. Timing Analysis of Keystrokes and Timing Attacks on SSH (2001) [pdf]
446. The History and Concept of Computability (1996) [pdf]
447. NIST: Usability and Key Management [pdf]
448. An Analysis of the ProtonMail Cryptographic Architecture [pdf]
449. Advances in OpenBSD packages [pdf]
450. A Model of Mental Fluidity and Analogy-Making (1994) [pdf]
451. Comparison of Metaheuristics [pdf]
452. Python’s Meta-Object Protocol (2012) [pdf]
453. A History of Individually Wrapped Cheese Slices (1979) [pdf]
455. Cognitive Networks: Brains, Internet, and Civilizations (2017) [pdf]
456. Squeak: A Language for Communicating with Mice (1985) [pdf]
457. Neuromorphic computing with multi-memristive synapses [pdf]
458. Revisiting the Risks of Bitcoin Currency Exchange Closure [pdf]
459. A Decade of Lattice Cryptography (2016) [pdf]
461. Crabs: the bitmap terror (1985) [pdf]
462. Sugar: Secure GPU Acceleration in Web Browsers [pdf]
463. Not All Patterns, but Enough (2008) [pdf]
464. Now you see them: DARPA's Stealth Revolution (2008) [pdf]
465. Personal Computing (1975) [pdf]
466. Composing with Tape Recorders: Musique Concrète for Beginners [pdf]
467. Quantifying the Performance of Garbage Collection (2005) [pdf]
468. Cicada: Dependably Fast Multi-Core In-Memory Transactions (2017) [pdf]
469. Common Lisp, Typing and Mathematics (2001) [pdf]
470. A Study of Linux File System Evolution (2013) [pdf]
471. The What’s Next Intermittent Computing Architecture [pdf]
472. Depth-first search and linear graph algorithms (1972) [pdf]
474. Napoleon as Organizational Designer (2009) [pdf]
475. Infinitesimal machinery (1993) [pdf]
476. The coolest way to generate binary strings (2013) [pdf]
477. Dynamic Hash Tables (1988) [pdf]
478. Fault attacks on secure chips: from glitch to flash (2011) [pdf]
479. A comparison of adaptive radix trees and hash tables [pdf]
481. An Adaptive Packed-Memory Array (2007) [pdf]
483. Ace: a syntax-driven C preprocessor (1989) [pdf]
484. Computation at the Edge of Chaos (1990) [pdf]
486. The Why of Y (2001) [pdf]
487. Delta Pointers: Buffer Overflow Checks Without the Checks [pdf]
488. A general memristor-based partial differential equation solver
489. A Formal Apology for Metaphysics [pdf]
490. Compiling machine learning programs via high-level tracing [pdf]
491. Knut Wicksell: the Birth of Modern Monetary Policy (2004) [pdf]
492. Volatility and the Alchemy of Risk [pdf]
494. Engineering and Software Engineering (2010) [pdf]
495. Dthreads: Efficient Deterministic Multithreading (2011) [pdf]
496. Hardware Masking, Revisited [pdf]
497. The State of the TclQuadcode compiler (2017) [pdf]
498. Multiple Linear Regression (2012) [pdf]
499. XDP: 1.5 years in production [pdf]
500. The Early History of Programming Languages (1976) [pdf]
501. RaiBlocks: A Feeless Distributed Cryptocurrency Network [pdf]
502. How Bad Is Selfish Routing? (2001) [pdf]
503. Things We Need to Know About Technological Change (1998) [pdf]
504. Fast-Path Loop Unrolling of Non-Counted Loops [pdf]
505. How to use 1000 registers (1979) [pdf]
506. HSN-1000 Nuclear Event Detector (2005) [pdf]
507. Speech Intellegibility in Naval Aircraft Radios (1972) [pdf]
508. Realizability of Graphs (2008) [pdf]
509. The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data (2009) [pdf]
510. Good Ideas, Through the Looking Glass (2005) [pdf]
512. Million Dollar Problems (2000) [pdf]
513. Real world DNSSEC+DANE for secure inter-domain mail transport [pdf]
514. Fountain codes (2005) [pdf]
515. A Quick Reference to Airfield Standards [pdf]
516. The SIGABA/ECM II Cipher Machine: “A Beautiful Idea” (2015) [pdf]
517. Final Report on the August 14, 2003 Blackout (2004) [pdf]
518. Neurology in Ancient Faces (2001) [pdf]
519. Zipf’s Law in Passwords (2017) [pdf]
520. Doppelgänger Finder: Taking Stylometry to the Underground (2014) [pdf]
522. The Potentiometer Handbook (1975) [pdf]
523. Strongly Typed Heterogeneous Collections (2004) [pdf]
524. Hacking chemical plants for competition and extortion (2015) [pdf]
525. Compiled and Vectorized Queries [pdf]
527. Debugging Distributed Systems With Why-Across-Time Provenance [pdf]
528. Mathematics applied to dressmaking (1993) [pdf]
529. The Psychology of Security (2008) [pdf]
530. The Postgres Rule Manager (1988) [pdf]
531. Failure Rates in Introductory Programming (2007) [pdf]
532. A Scalable, Commodity Data Center Network Architecture (2008) [pdf]
533. Cache Modeling and Optimization Using Miniature Simulations [pdf]
534. Is the scientific paper fraudulent? (1964) [pdf]
535. Five deep questions in computing (2008) [pdf]
538. Comprehending Ringads (2016) [pdf]
539. A Computer Scientist’s Guide to Cell Biology [pdf]
541. Understanding Reduced-Voltage Operation in Modern DRAM Devices [pdf]
542. Better documentation – on the web and for LibreSSL [pdf]
543. Open-Source Bitstream Generation (2013) [pdf]
544. Cherry-Picking and the Scientific Method (2013) [pdf]
545. Construction of the Transreal Numbers and Algebraic Transfields [pdf]
546. Crypko White Paper: Cryptocollectible Game Empowered by GANs [pdf]
547. Two curious integrals and a graphic proof (2014) [pdf]
548. Xoodoo cookbook [pdf]
549. CastSan: efficient detection of bad C++ casts [pdf]
550. Beastly Numbers (1996) [pdf]
551. Julia for R programmers [pdf]
552. The case for writing papers in economics using faKe LaTeX [pdf]
553. History of Combinatorial Generation (2004) [pdf]
556. The Translucent File Service (1988) [pdf]
557. Criminal Law 2.0 (2015) [pdf]
558. Map Projections – A Working Manual (1987) [pdf]
560. Can moons have moons? [pdf]
561. Machine Learning on 2KB of RAM [pdf]
562. Quaternions and Reflections (1946) [pdf]
563. Physical Addressing on Real Hardware in Isabelle/HOL [pdf]
564. Product Evaluation of the Zilog Z80-CTC (1979) [pdf]
566. Examining Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act compliance [pdf]
567. The Complexity of Songs (1977) [pdf]
570. An IPv6 Update [pdf]
572. C Standard Undefined Behavior vs. Wittgenstein [pdf]
573. NY Attorney General Report on Crytpocurrency Market Integrity
575. Enterprise Objects Framework Developer’s Guide [pdf]
576. USPTO issues 10 millionth patent [pdf]
577. The Keyhole Problem (2002) [pdf]
578. Abel's Theorem in Problems and Solutions (2004) [pdf]
579. Design of the Burroughs B1700 (1972) [pdf]
580. The Difficulty of Faking Data (1999) [pdf]
581. A Brief History of Just-In-Time (2003) [pdf]
582. The Cult of the Bound Variable: ICFP Programming Contest (2006) [pdf]
583. The Civic Labor of Online Moderators (2016) [pdf]
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