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These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this project’s development.

Flip the first Convercycle eBike of it's kind defines a completely new category of bikes!
In its folded position its compact size is no different to a common bike.
Therefore it is easy to ride, park and lock at your destination.
With a simple lifting move the rear wheel swings out under the basket, creating space for daily shopping, sports equipment or child seats.
Its volume offers space for two bigger crates of water.
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This is possible because different saddle rails can be used. And we offer different sizes of bicycle stems - we'll contact you to find out your size, when it comes to production!  

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The Idea  

To renounce the car in a city isn‘t that hard in everyday life. Traffic jam, few parking lots and air pollution are good reasons for cycling. However, if there are bigger objects to be transported one easily jumps to the car. 

Common cargo bikes are usually a solution but they are tricky to handle due to their size. Steering gets hard when the weight is located on the front wheel. The bike‘s size makes it impossible to secure in bicycle racks, transport on a train or take inside a lift. For these reasons many people find them not suitable for daily use. 

The two conditions of the Convercycle eBike make it adaptable, flexible and spontaneous for different fields of application. This is also a plus compared to a trailer. With different systemic add-ons like a lockable box the Convercycle adapts to the needs of the driver. 

the geared hub for your comfort

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David Maurer-Laube is product designer and designed the first draft of the Convercycle in 2017. He studies product design at the University of Art and Design in Offenbach.   

The team now consists of Charlotte von Neubeck and Sébastian Heidt as well as Andreas Grzesiek, Sophia Igel, Benedikt Schroeder and Fabienne Laube regarding support in design.

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Convercycle Bike started as a student project. David Maurer-Laube had the idea at the University of Art and Design Offenbach. The overwhelming feedback from the public for his invention soon made the project grow into an actual campaign. Fellow students, experts and manufacturers got involved to make the first prototype come true.

But there’s still some steps to go to mass production. Our goal to ship bikes around the world by the end of next year needs your funding to come true. We’re all working passionately to get this bike out there, but we need your help.

Help us change the way you cycle!


Flip and crew

We have been working on the convercycle electric bike for almost a year now. We have spotted the right manufacturers this year. Now we are ready for going public and offer the convercycle bike on Kickstarter for early adapters.

Your support will help us to make the dream of Flip comes true!

Furthermore, we have estimated conservatively for lead times on our components and materials. However this is one area that is out of our control and could possibly cause delays. If this happens we will be sure to keep you informed and work to quickly solve the problem.

Naturally, there may be issues that arise during manufacturing. Currently we cannot predict anything that would jeopardize the project. Our team is made up of experts in their respective fields who are prepared to meet any challenge.

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