Organize your image downloads — automatically.

Stowbots is an AI-powered desktop application that saves you time when downloading content from the web. Check out our demo video below.


In an age of infinite content and near-unlimited storage, keeping images organized can be tedious. Our deep learning system makes it easy.

Sort what you care about

With Stowbots, you choose which types of images are sorted where. You are not limited to any pre-defined categories. Just type in what you care about and we'll build a bot to suit you.

Speed up your browsing

Organizing images without Stowbots involves tediously navigating through your folders, depending on where you want to put each image. Stowbots eliminate this hassle.

Keep your images private

The images are processed on your own computer and stored in your folders. Your images are never sent or stored anywhere else.

How it works

Stowbots harnesses the power of deep learning models, also known as neural networks. Due to recent advances in AI and deep learning, we can create more accurate neural networks faster and easier than ever before. We are using these advances in order to bring the power of AI to everyone's internet browsing.

Each Stowbot is customized to organize one folder. Creating a Stowbot is easy — just specify which types of image content you want your Stowbot to sort. For example:
• Dogs
• Cats
• Owls
• Elephants
We take your list of categories and create a brand new Stowbot, just for you. Stowbots are created on our server using specialized hardware. Stowbots are not limited to pre-defined categories and are not shared between users.

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Note: Stowbots is currently Windows-only.

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