4 Methods To Build Your Confidence As A Junior Designer

By Echo Yiran Xu

As a Junior designer, it’s very common for some of us to feel defeated or have imposter syndrome sometimes. But that’s not a big deal. I have tried the following 4 methods to rebuild my confidence. I hope it’s helpful for you:)

1. Get mentorship

All of the mentors gave me a lot of confidence, even sometimes I asked silly questions or not doing very well in my case studies. Their kind languages really helped me a lot to continue my design career.

From my personal experience, it’s better to build a long-term relationship with the mentor because they have different professional backgrounds. Not all of them fit your career goal or style. So if you can find one that really matches, try to build a long-term mentorship or even friendship with them. It will benefit your design career a lot—also a great way to build networking.

2. Give appreciation and feedback

Everybody likes and needs affirmation from others. Be specific when you appreciate them. Say something like Your article about the mistakes to avoid as a new designer is very inspiring. I talked to my coworkers they all agree with you…something like that. Don’t just say: I like your article…

3. Complete small projects

Let’s say you want to build an app. You can set a plan with a specific time frame and tasks each day. Focus on the daily tasks such as how many interviews I have done yesterday, how many data and feedback I have collected today, and tomorrow I will complete the analysis report, etc. The big picture might sound stressful, but the small daily tasks accomplishment boosts your confidence for real.

4. Watch inspirational videos or articles

This method is beneficial for me because I am a person a bit moody in life. A motivational video will affect my feelings positively. Drug me from down to up.

When you are browsing social media, save some motivative or inspirational videos like :

I hope these tips help!