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When people ask me about Xerox Parc, I always tell them about JCR Licklider—“Lick”—and how he… started the great research funding for interactive computing and pervasive worldwide networks that has resulted in most of the technology we use today… The top book I recommend to read about this large process that stretched over 20 years is “The Dream Machine” by Mitchell Waldrop.” Alan Kay
A sprawling history of the ideas, individuals, and groups of people that got us from punch cards to personal computers… comprehensive… impressive… [and] compelling” The New York Times Book Review
The Dream Machine works admirably as an exploration of the intellectual and political roots of the rise of modern computing. It’s an ambitious and worthwhile addition to the history of science.” San Francisco Chronicle
A masterpiece! A mesmerizing but balanced and comprehensive look at the making of the information revolution- the people, the ideas, the tensions, and the hurdles. And on top of that, it is beautifully written.” John Seely Brown former director of Xerox PARC, coauthor of The Social Life of Information
Waldrop’s account of [Licklider’s] and many others’ world-transforming contributions is compelling.” John Allen Paulos mathematician and professor at Temple University
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The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millenium cover Coming Soon

Stripe partners with hundreds of thousands of the world’s most innovative businesses—organizations that will shape the world of tomorrow. These businesses are the result of many different inputs. Perhaps the most important ingredient is “ideas.”

Stripe Press highlights ideas that we think can be broadly useful. Some books contain entirely new material, some are collections of existing work reimagined, and others are republications of previous works that have remained relevant over time or have renewed relevance today.

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