MindCuber for EV3 and NXT

Build your own LEGO® MINDSTORMS® or SPIKE™ Prime robot to solve the Rubik's Cube®...

The MindCuber family is a group of robots, designed using LEGO MINDSTORMS and LEGO Education SPIKE Prime, that can solve the well known Rubik's Cube puzzle.

There is one variant of MindCuber-RI that can be built from MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor, one variant of PrimeCuber that can be built from SPIKE Prime, two variants of MindCub3r that can be built from MINDSTORMS EV3 and two variants of MindCuber for MINDSTORMS NXT. Each variant uses a different selection of pieces. Please select which creation to build according to your Robot Inventor, SPIKE Prime, EV3 or NXT set.


LEGO have produced at one MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor set:

Select MindCuber-RI for your MINDSTORMS Robot Inventor set:

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime

LEGO have produced at least one SPIKE Prime set:

Select PrimeCuber for your SPIKE Prime set:


LEGO have produced at least two different MINDSTORMS EV3 sets:

MindCub3r for MINDSTORMS EV3 is available both for set 31313, home edition and for the Education sets 45544+45560

Select MindCub3r for your EV3 set:


LEGO have produced at least three different MINDSTORMS NXT sets:

Each of these sets contains a progammable NXT "Intelligent brick", three motors, a number of sensors and a collection of bricks, gears and other pieces. There is some variation between the sensors and pieces in each of these sets.

MindCuber uses a color sensor to detect the colors of the scrambled Rubik's Cube. A color sensor is included in the MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 set. However, both the NXT 8527 (Orange box) set and the Education Base set include a simple light sensor that can measure brightness but not color. If you are planning to use either the '8527 or Education sets you will need to obtain an additional LEGO color sensor (item 9694). You may also need a few additional pieces if you are using the Education Base set

Select MindCuber for your NXT set:

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