Gatwick airport: Ryanair to switch all Friday's flights to Stansted – live

By Haroon Siddique and Matthew Weaver (earlier), and Nadeem Badshah (now)


Ryanair flights to operate from London Stansted instead of Gatwick tomorrow

Ryanair (@Ryanair)

Travel update: Ryanair flights scheduled to operate to/from London Gatwick tomorrow (21 Dec) will instead operate to/from London Stansted. All affected customers have been notified by our Customer Care team

December 20, 2018


Gatwick: Passengers should not come to the airport on Friday



Gatwick closed until at least 6am on Friday


Gatwick: “We anticipate disruption will continue tomorrow”


Latest advice from Southern rail

Southern (@SouthernRailUK)

📢 Have you been affected by the #drones at Gatwick today ✈️? If your travel plans have been changed, we’ve made the following arrangements to help get you on the move without any further hassle.

ℹ️Latest info here👉

December 20, 2018


At Athens International Airport, EasyJet passengers are furious that they were not informed earlier of flight cancellations in contrast to those flying domestically in the UK.

Passengers on the 1:10 PM flight to Gatwick learned more than seven hours after check-ins closed that the flight had been indefinitely suspended after being told initially it had only been delayed by an hour.

One traveller said:

By the time my daughter woke up she had been informed her flight from Edinburgh to Gatwick today had been cancelled while here we were told to get to the airport and endure the wait.”

Passengers were offered a 4.60 euro refreshment coupon as they endured what airport operators were calling “an open delay.”

An EasyJet manager has predicted that Gatwick was likely to be in chaos for several days given the backlog of flights throughout Europe.

What we have seen has made us ask what if the same thing happened in Athens,” he said expressing fears of a coordinated drone disruption across Europe.