Tesla Model S catches fire in California parking lot and reignites hours later at a tow yard


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A Tesla Model S caught fire Tuesday in a business parking lot in Los Gatos, California, according to the Santa Clara County Fire Department, then reignited hours later at a tow yard in Campbell.

The silver Tesla Model S initially caught fire a little after 2 p.m. in the parking lot of Los Gatos Tire and Auto Repair, fire officials said.

No injuries were reported, and the vehicle was not involved in a collision nor was work being done on it, fire officials said.

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The owner and an employee of the tire shop said the vehicle was brought in on a tow truck. They noticed a hissing sound coming from it before the vehicle ignited moments later.

Fire crews responded and extinguished the blaze, but the batteries continued to burn long after the larger flames were put out, fire officials said. Crews remained at the scene to keep the batteries cool and ensure they didn't reignite.

The entire front of the Tesla was charred but the adjacent building was not damaged, fire officials said.

Fire crews left only after the tow truck arrived and took the burned vehicle away. But the car reignited at a tow yard on Camden Avenue in Campbell hours after the original fire, NBC Bay Area learned.

A Tesla spokesperson said in a statement: "We are currently investigating the matter and are in touch with local first responders. We are glad to hear that everyone is safe."

The owner of the vehicle told NBC Bay Area his wife said, "No more Teslas."

NBC Bay Area's Jean Elle, Scott Budman and Gonzalo Rojas contributed to this report.

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