Purism Ships Librem 5 Dev Kits as the Linux Phones Will Arrive in April 2019

Just in time for the Christmas holidays, Purism announced today that they have finally managed to prepare the Librem 5 Linux phone dev kit hardware for shipping to their backers.

Based on the newer and more powerful i.MX 8M 64-bit ARM boards, upgrading older devs kits based on the generic i.MX6 boards, the Librem 5 dev kits will soon arrive in the hands of early adopters as Purism needs all the help it can get from the community to continue and accelerate the development of its Linux-powered, privacy-focused phones, the Librem 5.

"There is still a lot of work required to make the dev kit truly functional for Librem 5 development, so we need your assistance," said Purism. "The frenetic pace of development continues and it's astonishing how much we've accomplished in the two months since we've put the hardware together. But the path is still long and arduous."

Librem 5 Linux phones on track for an April 2019 launch

Purism reports that their privacy and security-focused Librem 5 mobile phones are still on track for an April 2019 launch, as the company delayed the January 2019 launch a few months ago due to some bugs with the development boards. But they still need the community's help to test both the hardware and software of the Librem 5 Linux phone.

The Librem 5 will be the first privacy and security-focused mobile phone, and hopefully the first successful Linux-powered phone. Purism believes 2019 will be the year of the Linux phone, so if you're interested in helping them achieve their dreams, go ahead and join their Matrix channels where their engineering team will help you get started with the dev kits.

Since the Christmas holidays are knocking on our doors, Purism also prepared a special offer for those willing to back their initiative and want to get their hands on the Librem 5 Linux phone as early as possible. The "It’s a Secure Life" laptop and phone bundle will get you the mobile phone at $599 USD as the price will go up to $699 USD starting January 7, 2019.