A wistful yearning for home and family | Brief letters

Your columnist Nesrine Malik writes (11 April) that the pandemic has made her reflect wistfully on the bargain she made when she left Sudan to find success far from home. Nesrine’s columns, expressing subtle thoughts with admirable lucidity, have been something I’ve looked forward to reading all during lockdown. Perhaps we in her adopted country are not the audience she most longs for, but her eloquence has surely touched many readers.
Susan Tomes

It’s been suggested that there’s little to distinguish between the main parties. But what former leaders do with their time may be instructive: David Cameron’s delayed self-justification for his use of networks to lobby for a company (Report, 12 April) should be weighed against Gordon Brown’s call for the G7 to develop a vaccination plan for the poorest countries (Opinion, 12 April).
Les Bright

Kevin Bannon (Letters, 11 April) asks for the return of two pages of readers’ letters. Last week, I received a letter from a dear lady I last saw many years ago when we were on the local WEA committee. Her husband died; she is a Guardian reader and has cut out my letters since 2016, and would love to know the story behind them. If ever the importance of readers’ letters arises, this is it. Friends reunited and a life shared.
Jean Jackson
Seer Green, Buckinghamshire

Further to Kevin Bannon’s request, please don’t forget the nice picture that was included with the letters.
Mike Lowcock
Sandbach, Cheshire

Two pages of readers’ letters? Does anyone else miss homophone corner and its near neighbours?
Andy Charlton
Twickenham, London

Has Zoe Williams (Why do my children find me so annoying? I fear it is nothing to do with lockdown, 11 April) never heard the expression “a mother’s place is in the wrong”? That’s why her children find her annoying. Try asking my five.
Val Prior
Waterlooville, Hampshire

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