President Trump has dismissed payouts to an adult film star and a Playboy model right before the 2016 election as a “simple private transaction.”

But the media company — run by a longtime Trump friend — that made one of those payoffs has contradicted that.

The whole point was to help sway the vote and get Trump elected, the company has admitted to federal prosecutors in New York.

American Media Inc., the owner of the National Enquirer, is cooperating with the investigation after working with Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen to execute a $150,000 payout to one of the women, the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York said in a statement Wednesday. AMI in August 2016 bought rights to Karen McDougal’s story of an affair with Trump but never published anything, in a practice known in the business as “catch and kill.”

Prosecutors have said the criminal scheme was executed “in coordination with and at the direction of Individual-1” — as in, Donald Trump.