Firefox Monitor

Firefox Monitor arms you with tools to keep your personal information safe. Find out what hackers already know about you, and learn how to stay a step ahead of them.

See if you’ve been involved in a data breach. Your email will not be stored.

Your passwords protect more than your accounts. They protect every bit of personal information that resides in them. And hackers rely on bad habits, like using the same password everywhere or using common phrases (p@ssw0rd, anyone?) so that if they hack one account, they can hack many. Here’s how to better protect your accounts.

Reusing the same password everywhere leaves the door wide open for identity theft. Anyone with that password can log in to all your accounts.

Hackers use thousands of common passwords to try to guess yours. The longer and more random your password is, the harder it will be to guess.

Websites don’t check that your answers are accurate, just that they match every time. Create long, random answers and store them somewhere safe.

Password managers like 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, and Bitwarden generate strong, unique passwords. They also store passwords securely and fill them into websites for you

2FA requires an additional piece of information (like a one-time code sent via text message) to log in to your account. Even if someone has your password, they can’t get in.

Website data breaches are on the rise. As soon as a new breach gets added to our database, Firefox Monitor sends you an alert — so you can take action and protect your account.