The Internet Reacts To Australia's Anti-Encryption Bill

Earlier today Australia's House of Representatives passed the Assistance and Access Bill, which is also known as the Anti-Encryption Bill.

Concerns over the rushed Bill are high - especially as the parliamentary year draws to a close. Today's amendments have done little to clarify specifics around the potential power that the Bill could give government and law enforcement over digital privacy.

And they certainly don't address the impact that adding backdoor security access could have on the Australian tech economy on a global scale - especially if you take The European Union's strict General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws into consideration.

While the Bill can still be blocked by the Senate - Australian Twitter has been quite vocal over today's proceedings, especially in regards to the ALP's involvement.

Concern over today's vote was already ramping up yesterday

— very legal & very cool (@jurassic_snark_) December 5, 2018

It all came to a head in today's debate, which resulted in the Bill passing in the Lower House

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