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DragonFlyBSD Updates Its Intel DRM/KMS Driver Port For Kaby, Coffee & Whiskey Lake

Cleared from this week's DragonFlyBSD 5.4 release, feature work is resuming on this BSD operating system towards the DragonFlyBSD 5.6 release expected out in about six months based on their usual release cadence. Some early work now staged is updating the Intel DRM/KMS driver for a slew of recent hardware.

4 Minutes Ago - BSD - DragonFlyBSD + Intel DRM
Linux 4.20 I/O Scheduler Benchmarks On NVMe SSD Storage

Complementing the recent Linux 4.19 I/O scheduler benchmarks using SATA 3.0 SSD storage, here are some benchmarks when using the current Linux 4.20 development kernel and also using faster NVMe solid-state storage for benchmarking. Most Linux distributions default to no I/O scheduler in the case of NVMe SSDs, but for your viewing pleasure today is a look at the performance against MQ Deadline, Kyber, and BFQ.

4 December 01:30 PM EST - Storage
Intel Vulkan Driver Gets Patches For New KHR_shader_float16_int8 Functionality

Yesterday saw the release of Vulkan 1.1.95 that introduced the new VK_KHR_shader_float18_int8 extension for supporting 16-bit floating-point types and 8-bit integer types within shader code for arithmetic operations, compared to earlier extensions limiting these data types to load/store operations. NVIDIA released a same-day driver update for the new 1.1.95 extensions while now Intel's "ANV" open-source Vulkan code is the second Linux driver seeing this support (or first if just looking at the open-source drivers).

4 December 05:37 AM EST - Intel - Float16 + Int8 Types In Shader Code
V3D Driver Fixes Glaring Performance Bug, VC4 Working Towards Proper GPU Reset

Eric Anholt of Broadcom's graphics driver team has provided another status update about their open-source Linux driver work in recent weeks on the VC4 driver stack mostly known for being the open-source 3D driver for the Raspberry Pi as well as the V3D driver for next-gen Broadcom VideoCore hardware.

4 December 12:02 AM EST - Hardware - Broadcom Linux Drivers
Heterogeneous Memory System (HMS) Prototype Published For The Linux Kernel

The past several years Red Hat developer Jerome Glisse has been working on Heterogeneous Memory Management (HMM) for the Linux kernel to handle the mirroring of process address spaces, system memory that can be transparently used by any device process, and similar functionality around today's GPU computing needs and other devices. Jerome today published the next step as part of his low-level memory device management work and that is the Heterogeneous Memory System for exposing complex memory topologies of today's systems.

3 December 07:09 PM EST - Linux Kernel - Heterogeneous Memory System
EC2 Cloud Linux Benchmarks: Amazon, Clear, Debian, Red Hat, SUSE, Ubuntu

Complementing our many recent bare-metal Linux distribution comparison benchmarks, here is a fresh look at how the various high profile Linux distributions are running on Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2). For this round of testing on their current-generation M5 instance type, Amazon Linux 2, Clear Linux 26600, Debian 9.6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.6, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15, and Ubuntu 18.04 LTS were benchmarked.

3 December 03:01 PM EST - Operating Systems
A Few Kernel Patches & New Firmware Have The Radeon RX 590 Working On Linux

Last month when the AMD Radeon RX 590 launched, it wasn't working on Linux to much surprise considering it's another Polaris refresh. Today there are new AMDGPU DRM kernel patches and firmware/microcode files that do allow the RX 590 now to work properly under Linux.

3 December 12:30 PM EST - Radeon - Patches + Firmware Blobs
NVIDIA Makes PhysX Open-Source

As a very big surprise bundled alongside the announcement today of the $2,499 USD TITAN RTX graphics card is word that NVIDIA's PhysX software is going open-source!

3 December 09:01 AM EST - NVIDIA - Open-Source PhysX

After teasing the TITAN RTX over the weekend on social media, NVIDIA this morning officially announced this new $2,499 USD graphics card.

David Airlie's LPC2018 Presentation On An "Open-Source CUDA"

Last month at the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC 2018) was a presentation by Red Hat's open-source graphics driver developer David Airlie on creating a vendor-neutral compute stack that theoretically could take on NVIDIA's CUDA dominance.

3 December 05:39 AM EST - Linux Events - Open-Source CUDA Alternative
Bcachefs Working Towards Online Fsck, Faster Mount Times

In the works now for over three years has been BCachefs that doesn't receive nearly as much attention as Btrfs, Stratis, ZFS On Linux, or other next-gen Linux storage options, but it does continue making progress and still possesses a lot of potential.

1 December 03:19 PM EST - Linux Storage - Bcachefs 2018
Qt 5.13 Gets Scheduled For A May Debut

While Qt 5.12 isn't even out until next week, The Qt Company has already begun formulating their early plans around Qt 5.13.

1 December 07:49 AM EST - Qt - Qt 5.13
Genode OS 18.11 Gets SSH Server Support, MirageOS Unikernels & SDK

Genode, the open-source operating system framework focused on a micro-kernel layer and various innovative user-space components, is out with its latest feature update. The developers at Genode Labs also continue bringing up their Sculpt OS effort for Genode as a general purpose operating system.

1 December 07:17 AM EST - Operating Systems - Genode OS 18.11