Past Episodes

On this special bonus episode, The Founders talk about whether to keep their swag fulfillment or look for other options after a recent steep price increase. They also provide an update on the contractor machine and also discuss some of the personality traits needed to successfully delegate projects. Listen now, or have someone listen for you!

Special guest John Nunemaker is in the house...err...Zoom! He chats with The Founders about Flipper Cloud and strategies around its launch as well as tales from companies' past. They also discuss decisions around pricing a SaaS product and killer cardinality.

This week The Founders give an update on their new contractor system and how to nurture an "I don't care" work culture. Plus don't miss Beavis and Butthead memories, Heroku integration speed bumps, and chopping chonky trees!

This week The Founders talk about maintaining simple websites from the stone age, hiring contractors with Upwork, and Heya being 100% opensource. They also put Netlify on notice; if things don't improve, Badgerfy is becoming a reality!

This week The Founders talk GameStop stock, Elasticsearch clusters, Honeybadger's hedge position on the internet, and creating their own contractor pool to outsource small projects. Can you handle it? Listen and find out!

This week The Founders explain the difference between a ninja launch for bootstrappers vs. the more traditional stealth launch. They also reveal what programming languages they would learn if Honeybadger went away and they had to get real developer jobs! Plus, AWS vs. Elastic, who's right?

This week Josh, Ben, and Starr break tradition and go public with Honeybadger's product roadmap. They also reveal a foolproof plan to monetize locked Bitcoin wallets and predict the future of crypto, Bytecoin!

It's a new year and a new season of FounderQuest! Season 3 starts things off with the founders recapping Honeybadger's 2020 growth numbers and where they are hoping to go in 2021. They also review the performance of the blog after a year of commissioning articles from outside authors and its impact on sales.

This week the Founders talk about dealing with fears their company could disappear at any moment and what makes them confident that it will be around tomorrow and beyond. They also talk rollerblade chairs, Kung Fu Panda, wrapping up 2020, and the upcoming FounderQuest hiatus! Also, please vote!

This week The Founders talk about the latest redesign of Honeybadger's user account setup and lessons they've learned along the way (tenant ID FTW!) They also talk about the Hook Relay launch, celebrity endorsements, moving to Canada, and how building software relates to constructing buildings.

This week The Founders talk about new hiring paradigms, virtual conferences, and the stock market. Plus, does Roam dress your notes in the world's finest UX, only appreciated by the best and brightest, or is it really just a wiki strutting around with no clothes on?

This week The Founders reveal some of their favorite books they've read this summer and what they learned about utopias, U.S. history, and Murderbots! They also talk about living their lives up in smoke as the forest fires continue to rage along the West Coast.

It’s all in your mind! This week The Founders share apps and strategies they use to stay mindful and breathing while banging out code. Also, do they actually miss anything about working for "the man" before setting of on their own? Plus, what will the future of office snacks look like in a world without offices? Tune in and satisfy your hunger for FounderQuest!

This week The Founders talk SOC 2 and why you may not even need it in the first place. They also detail their quest for the perfect task management tool (spoiler alert, they're still looking) and share bonus tips on how to tell if your kayak has a leak!

This week The Founders talk about product positioning for Hook Relay and how launching new products has changed since releasing Honeybadger. They also discuss why Google would make a terrible airline, Microsoft Flight Simulator glitches, and flavors of bottled excellence.

This week the founders talk about their content marketing efforts. Starr explains her process for keeping the Honeybadger blog content flowing from writer recruitment, management tools, and the editing process. Josh talks about Exceptional Creatures and also risks getting sued into oblivion by reminiscing about freelancing for "The Mouse."

This week the founders talk about security, and what the process was like to have penetration testing done for Honeybadger. They also talk about why they don't offer bug bounties and Josh explains what a Whirly Board is.

This week the founders talk about their origin stories and what sparked their collective interests in computers. By the end of the episode you will also be able to match each founder to their corresponding early-childhood career dreams consisting of architect, journalist and pool hustler!

This week the founders talk about their experiences dealing with the wild world of EU privacy laws when operating in the US. Learn about the potential impact on the Schrems II ruling on their business moving forward. Plus, learn some proposed names for future Schrems rulings!

This week the founders talk about the pros and cons of having your app and website share the same domain. Can they coexist or can there be only ONE? Plus, find out who has that new product glow and don't miss grilling tips for veggies and garlic scapes! Other podcasts may go more in depth, but none match FounderQuest's breadth!

This week the founders recap their second quarterly meeting under Covid. They reveal how pricing changes have impacted business, share updates on Hook Relay, trademark renewals, and using ProfitWell Retain. Plus, don't call it a chargeback!

This week Josh and Ben talk webhooks and announce a new product from Honeybadger. Testers wanted! They also touch on managing contractors, fallout from the Hey vs. Apple saga, and decide that there's really no right or wrong way to pick up dog poop.

The Badgers break down DHH's spat with Apple and Ben correctly predicts how it ends (this episode was recorded June 19th). It's freaky! They also discuss Hey and if it's worth the hype and how Honeybadger's new pricing has impacted business.

This week the hosts debate how many hours per week it takes to bootstrap a company. Other topics include politics and podcasting, SOC 2 compliance, and whether to treat free accounts the same as paid accounts. Also, in light of current events, we are taking a brief hiatus after this episode.

This week the crew talks about decisions around Honeybadger's recent pricing changes as well as the new mild and spicy plans. The discussion gradually fades to black when the topic of dark patterns creeps in, sparking rants about purposely poor UX. Listen now, we're the gravy on your Friday!

Mike Perham of Sidekiq and Faktory fame joins us on FounderQuest this week. We talk about the origins of Sidekiq, COVID impacts, and having a plan for your business if you, the sole proprietor, kicks the bucket. Can you kick it? Yes you can!

Question everything this week!?!? Can you use proprietary drivers and truly be an opensource developer? Is Codespaces really just X Windows? Did Elon Musk secretly create DuckTails for propaganda purposes? Listen before Big Brother takes this down!

On this week's FounderQuest the hosts talk about upgrading API versions, using VS Code to edit markdown, and dead MacBooks. Plus, learn how to commit bank fraud by using spoofed phone numbers to perform literal man-in-the-middle attacks!

This week on FounderQuest the hosts talk about using a Prosperity Public License for Heya and how it allows a product to be both free and open-source while allowing the option to charge for certain users. Also, are you team Voltron, Thundercats, Gobots, or Transformers? It's time to choose a side!

This week Ben, Starr, and Josh break down Heya, their freshly shipped open source email campaign mailer for Rails developers. Learn how Heya works, how it can help with GDPR and Soc 2 compliance, and how it saves Honeybadger $$$ in Intercom and Segment costs. Plus, don't miss the hot thermometer takes!