Recruitment hacks

By Willem Wijnans

It’s been a while since I wrote something, since I spent the last year working on my own company Gymify. But given the fact I have picked up hiring again I figured it was time for a new post.

My friend Tris Revill shared a nice recruitment hack on Linkedin the other day (see the Spendesk one) so why not kick 2018s writing off with an update to my most viewed/upvoted Quora answer.

The team over at Slite, building the note app for teams, created a small Slite wiki to inform their candidates on the hiring process as well as sharing insights on how the engineering team works and of course a provides a clever sneak peak into the product:

The growth team over at Spendesk figured lots of the people they are trying to hire watch Mr. Robot, so they put an ad in the French subtitles saying: “do you want to work at a startup? Spendesk is hiring”

Nice! cc Tris Revill

The team at have a neat hiring process which is mostly async. They created a slack channel called #introduceyourself and you then trigger their hiring process.

Read about it here:

While searching for her replacement at Bloomon (flowers on delivery), Teddy Dimitrova dropped this image in a recruiter slack group. She’s well known for reaching out to developers in her “TeddyScript” language. Clever way of standing out from the rest.

A nice one from Thijmen Klompmaker & Sjamilla van der Tooren from their time at Blendle. Being on a small budget Thijmen took recruitment to the Blendle developers by building a small ATS (applicant tracking system) in a Github repository, smart! 🧠

Sjamilla wrote an insightful blogpost about how to do it yourself:

I can finally share some things from my time at Improbable, this was the kind of stuff we were doing back in the early days:

A reach-out that I like from Poki, executed by Sjamilla and yours truly. We asked our devs to edit a codepen we came across and sent it back to the developer who built it:

A thing I tried when I was in Atlanta working remotely: sending out my Device Name as a wireless Network / discoverable device on existing network, while working in coffee shops and what have you:

Andre Hellstrom, at that time leading Spotify recruitment, created this playlist for hiring their developers (read the track titles top ➡️ bottom):

Still one of the best things I have come across:👏 for Andre Hellstrom.

From my time at Improbable: I asked our frontend team to build our Logo out in ASCII, when you inspect our page you get a nice call to action.

From the old Improbable website, see it live here: (right click + inspect 🖱️)

As I agree with Aline Lerner that resumes suck I made a NoResume section on the Improbable careers-page:

from the careers page

Read an insightful blogpost from Aline about why resume’s suck:

That’s it, if you have some stuff to share please do so in the comments.