Firefox Profilemaker

Welcome to the Firefox Profilemaker!

This tool will help you to create a Firefox profile with the defaults you like.

You select which features you want to enable and disable and in the end you get a download link for a zip-file with your profile template. You can for example disable some functions, which send data to Mozilla and Google, or disable several annoying Firefox functions like Mozilla Hello or the Pocket integration.

Each Setting has a short explanation and for the non obvious settings links to resources describing the feature and the possible problems with it.

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You did not finish all questions. You still can download the profile, but there are more options available.

Download only prefs.js Open prefs.js in the browser
Download only
When you download only the, you need to copy the user_pref("extensions.autoDisableScopes", 14); line into your prefs.js, else firefox won't install the addons.


  • Optional: add a new profile to keep the old one
    • Run firefox -no-remote -ProfileManager
    • Create a new profile
  • Type about:support into the url bar.
  • Press the open profile folder button.
  • Quit Firefox.
  • Delete everything from the new profile (you will lose all existing data from the profile).
  • unzip the file into the folder.
  • Start Firefox again. If you made a new profile, you can use it with firefox -no-remote -P profilename.
  • Open the addon manager and update the extensions.