Buying a Commodore Amiga 30 Years Later

Again, I turned to eBay and found an 8MB RAM upgrade. I installed this via the trapdoor in the bottom of the Amiga. I was pleasantly surprised to find it took less than 5 minutes to install. I never thought I'd see myself buying RAM and upgrading 30-year-old hardware in 2018, but here we are.

If you really want to push the boat out, you can try and get your hands on an accelerator, something like the Blizzard or Apollo — these have up to 128Mb RAM and a 68030 or 68040 Processor and offer a blistering performance enhancement. I decided not to go this route as they can be somewhat pricey.

Once the extra RAM was installed every single game I tried worked like a charm. I had finally reached retro nirvana. I had a perfect Amiga setup, it looked and worked just like it would have all those years ago.

Personal Top 20 Amiga Games

I'd forgotten how many of the best games I'd played as a child were actually on the Amiga, as I dug deeper I kept finding classics that I'd forgotten about. The vast breadth and depth of the Amiga games library is seriously impressive.

While we've come a long way in 30 years, some of the games don't hold up as well as I remember. Thankfully, there are a bunch of games that still look good, sound great, and are fun to play. Some of them could even give modern games a run for their money.

In no particular order, here are my personal top 20 favourite Amiga games:

  • Lemmings

  • The NewZealand Story

  • Bomb Jack

  • Bubble Bobble

  • Rainbow Island

  • R-Type

  • Worms

  • The Secret of Monkey Island

  • Rick Dangerous

  • The Chaos Engine

  • Dungeon Master

  • Gods

  • Arkanoid: Revenge of Doh

  • Chuck Rock

  • MouseTrap

  • Batman The Movie

  • King's Quest I

  • IK+

  • Goldrunner

  • Dogs of War

The other game I loved from this era was "Solomon's Key", unfortunately, it was one of the few games that was only on the Atari ST and never made its way to the Amiga. Here's a list of games that didn't make my top 20 but are still worth mentioning:

Another World, Xenon, Space Quest, Magic Pockets, Syndicate, Cannon Fodder, Adventure Island Dizzy, Supercars, Pushover, Stuntcar Racer, Populous I & II, Speedball II, Simon the Sorcerer, Fire and Ice, Kid Chaos, Ballistix, Xenon & Xenon 2, Benefactor, Oscar, PP Hammer, Ruff 'n' Tumble, Soccer Kid, Yo! Joe, Traps n Treasure, Mr. Nutz, Jim Power, Turrican 2, Lost Vikings, Superfrog, Putty, Wonder Dog, Walker, Settlers, Kult, Oids, Flood, and Super Methane Bros.

Vintage Amiga Hardware Photos

There seems to be a lack of recent Amiga photos out there (not surprising really), and because I enjoy photography (and I'm a geek), I thought I'd spend some time taking a few photos. I've tried to give the images a slight retro/vintage feel to them without going over the top.

Anyway, here is my Amiga A1200 in all her glory, enjoy: