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Sexy frameworks, plugins and resources for your sexy shell.

Base Shells

  • bash - GNU Project's shell (Bourne Again SHell).
  • zsh - Powerful shell with scripting language.
  • fish - Smart and user-friendly command line shell.
  • xonsh - Python-ish, BASHwards-looking shell language and command prompt.
  • PowerShell - Automation and configuration tool/framework that is optimized for dealing with structured data.
  • Ammonite-Shell - An object shell with a Scala-like scripting language.


  • oh-my-zsh - Delightful community-driven framework for managing your zsh configuration.
  • prezto - Configuration framework for Zsh.
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting - Fish shell like syntax highlighting for Zsh.
  • antigen - Plugin manager for zsh, inspired by oh-my-zsh and vundle.
  • slimzsh - Small, usable configuration for ZSH.
  • antibody - Faster and simpler antigen written in Golang.
  • pure - Pretty, minimal and fast ZSH prompt.
  • powerlevel9k - Super flexible awesome powerline ZSH theme.
  • liquidprompt - Full-featured & carefully designed adaptive prompt for Bash & Zsh.
  • dotzsh - Community driven framework for zsh.
  • zgen - Lightweight and simple plugin manager for ZSH.
  • zplug - Next-generation plugin manager for zsh.
  • zunit - Powerful unit testing framework for ZSH.
  • zshdb - ZSH debugger.
  • zsh-quickstart-kit - Simple zsh quickstart for using zsh and zgen.
  • zsh-autosuggestions - Fish-like autosuggestions for zsh.
  • alf - Out of this world super fast and configurable framework for zsh.
  • ant-zsh - Tiny and lightweight ZSH configuration environment for special customization needs.
  • pumice - Lightweight plugin manager for zsh.
  • zeesh - Cross-platform Zsh framework.
  • zilsh - Zsh config system that aims to appeal more to power-users and follow the simplistic approach of vim-pathogen.
  • zim - Zsh configuration framework with blazing speed and modular extensions.
  • zoppo - Crippled configuration framework for Zsh.
  • zpm - Plugin manager for zsh similar to vim-plug.
  • ztanesh - Aims to improve your UNIX command line experience and productivity with the the configuration provided by the ztanesh project.
  • zulu - Total environment manager for ZSH 5+.
  • zsh-pony - Covers customizing ZSH without a framework.


  • bash-sensible - Attempt at saner Bash defaults.
  • bash-powerline - Powerline-style Bash prompt in pure Bash script.
  • bashtrap - Quick way to spruce up OSX terminal.
  • liquidprompt - Full-featured & carefully designed adaptive prompt for Bash & Zsh.
  • hstr - Bash History Suggest Box.
  • aliases - Contextual, dynamic, organized aliases for the bash shell.
  • bash-it - Collection of community Bash commands and scripts.


  • git-prompt - Bash prompt with Git, SVN and HG modules.
  • gittify - Colorful Bash prompt + customized Git aliases.
  • oh-my-git - Opinionated git prompt for bash and zsh.
  • bash-git-prompt - Informative and fancy Bash prompt for Git users.
  • sexy-bash-prompt - Bash prompt with colors, Git statuses, and Git branches.
  • git-sh - Customized Bash environment suitable for Git work.
  • git-radar - Heads up display for git
  • git-extra-commands - Collection of useful extra commands for git


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Terminal Emulation Applications

Sexy 3rd party terminal emulation applications.

  • iTerm2 - Terminal emulator for macOS that does amazing things.
  • ConEmu - Customizable Windows terminal with tabs, splits, quake-style and more.
  • PuTTY - SSH and telnet client, developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform.
  • KiTTY - Fork from version 0.67 of PuTTY, the best telnet / SSH client in the world.
  • Terminator - The robot future of terminals.
  • Konsole - Terminal emulator for the K Desktop Environment.
  • MacTerm - Powerful replacement for macOS Terminal.
  • xterm - Terminal emulator for the X Window System.
  • Hyper - Terminal built on web technologies.
  • ZOC - SSH/Telnet Client and Terminal Emulator for macOS and Windows.
  • Upterm - Terminal emulator for the 21st century.
  • TotalTerminal - System-wide terminal available on a hot-key.
  • Go2Shell - Opens a terminal window to the current directory in Finder.
  • Cathode - Vintage terminal for macOS.
  • Alacritty - Cross-platform, GPU-accelerated terminal emulator.
  • Termite - Keyboard-centric terminal, aimed at use within a tiling window manager.
  • Cmder - Lovely console emulator package for Windows.
  • ConsoleZ - Windows console window enhancement. It is a fork of Console project.
  • Mosh - Remote terminal application that allows roaming and supports intermittent connectivity.
  • Tilix - Advanced GTK3 tiling terminal emulator that follows the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Tilda - A Gtk based drop down terminal for Linux and Unix

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Package Managers

Sexy package managers for your macOS, Linux & Windows CLIs.


  • guix - Functional package manager for installed software packages and versions.
  • nix - Powerful package manager for Linux and other Unix systems that makes package management reliable and reproducible.
  • pip - Package management system used to install and manage software packages written in Python.
  • npmjs - Package manager for JavaScript.
  • duo - Next-generation package manager for the front-end.
  • basher - Package manager for shell scripts.
  • bpkg - JavaScript has npm, Ruby has Gems, Python has pip and now Shell has bpkg.
  • rubygems - The Ruby community’s gem hosting service.
  • composer - Composer is a package manager for PHP.
  • yarn - New package and dependency manager for javascript.


  • homebrew - Missing package manager for macOS.
  • fink - Wants to bring the full world of Unix Open Source software to Darwin and macOS.
  • macports - Package managemer that simplifies the installation of software on the macOS and Darwin operating systems.


  • linuxbrew - The Homebrew package manager for Linux.
  • pkgin - Aimed at being an apt / yum like tool for managing pkgsrc binary packages.


  • oneget - PackageManagement (aka OneGet) is a package manager for Windows.
  • chocolatey - Package manager for Windows.
  • cygwin - Linux-like environment for Windows making it possible to port software running on POSIX systems to Windows.
  • ninite - Install and Update All Your Programs at Once.
  • ruckzuck - Software Package Manager for Windows, a quick way to install and update Software.
  • wpkg - Automated software deployment, upgrade and removal program for Windows.
  • scoop - Package manager for Windows.
  • babun - Preconfigured cygwin with an advance package manager - pact.

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Text Editors

Sexy text editors for your Command Line Interface.

  • vim - Extensively configurable, cross-platform and highly efficient text editor.
    • SpaceVim - Community-driven vim distribution.
    • neovim - Literally the future of vim.
  • emacs - Cross-platform text-editor that has both command-line and graphical user interface.
    • spacemacs - Community-driven emacs distribution.
  • nano - Text editor for Unix-like computing systems or operating environments using a command line interface.
  • micro - Modern and intuitive terminal-based text editor.
  • jed - Freely available text editor for Unix, VMS, MSDOS, OS/2, BeOS, QNX, and win9X/NT platforms.
  • kakoune - Modal editor with multiple selections and orthogonal design.
  • vis - Highly efficient text editor.
  • slap - Sublime-like terminal-based text editor.

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Sexy Applications for your Command Line Interface.

  • haxor-news - Browse Hacker News like a haxor.
  • reddit terminal viewer - Browse Reddit from your terminal.
  • taskwarrior - Command-line TODO list manager.
  • transfer.sh - Quickly upload and share files from your shell.
  • whereami - Get your geolocation information from the CLI.
  • howdoi - Instant code answers and examples from the command line
  • htop - Cool looking and interactive process viewer 'replacement' for the top command.
  • glances - A top/htop alternative.
  • lolcat - Rainbows and unicorns!
  • ack - Tool like grep, optimized for programmers.
  • the_silver_searcher - Code-searching tool similar to ack, but faster.
  • lunchy - Friendly wrapper for launchctl.
  • tldr - Simplified and community-driven man pages.
  • tmux - Terminal multiplexer.
  • ranger - Console file manager with vi key bindings.
  • googler - Search Google from your terminal.
  • jq.node - Command-line JSON/string processor, JavaScript and Lodash in your shell.
  • screenfetch - Fetches system/theme information in terminal for Linux desktop screenshots.
  • neofetch - Fetches system/theme information in terminal for Linux desktop screenshots. Alternative to screenfetch.
  • jrnl - Simple command line journal application that stores your journal in a plain text file.
  • tig - Text mode interface for git.
  • vifm - Console file manager with vi key bindings and some ideas from mutt.
  • byobu - Byobu is an open source text-based window manager and terminal multiplexer.
  • autojump - cd command that learns
  • fzf - Command-line fuzzy finder.
  • wttr.in - The right way to check the weather.
  • getnews.tech - Checking the latest news headlines from various news outlets on the web.
  • hub - Command-line wrapper for git that makes working with GitHub easy.
  • exa - Replacement for 'ls' written in Rust.
  • homebrew-cask - CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries.
  • mps-youtube - Terminal based YouTube player and downloader
  • colorls - Beautify the terminal's ls command, with color and font-awesome icons.
  • buku - command-line bookmark manager.
  • youtube-dl - download videos from YouTube
  • wal - generate and change colorschemes on the fly.
  • streamlink - CLI for extracting streams from various websites to a video player of your choosing.
  • dockly - Docker console UI and Dashboard for quickly managing and inspecting Containers and Services.
  • lf - Terminal file manager.
  • lexis - word counting made easy. Retrieve the number of words in a string or stdin.
  • asciinema - Terminal session recorder.

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Sexy Tools for communicating through the Command Line Interface.

  • irssi - Self proclaimed client of the future and my favorite IRC client.
  • bitchx - Feature-rich and highly configurable, terminal based IRC client based on ircII.
  • centerim - Terminal based, multi-protocol Instant Messaging client with support for IRC.
  • weechat - Fast, light and extensible chat client.
  • epic - IRC client that has been under active development for 20+ years in 5 generations.
  • Slackadaisical - Simple Slack client for the CLI.
  • go-jira - Simple jira command line client in Go.

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