Two days ago we received notice from Patreon that our account with them has been suspended.

I’ve been holding off putting out a public statement because the initial information that we were given was confusing, but to Patreon’s credit, they are replying to our emails and seem willing to take our appeal seriously. In the meantime, a lot of you have already noticed something is up and rather than let rumors spread I’d rather tell you what I know.

What is this all about?

I don’t know as much as I would like to yet, but by far the most serious claim is that Patreon believes that BitChute has no policies against violent organizations.

This is 100% not true, we are completely against violence, incitement to violence, violent organizations, child abuse, and terrorism. We have sent the Patreon staff links to our community guidelines and terms that does explain this very clearly and asked them to tell us where they feel it is insufficient.

See for yourself:

Patreon did also point out that BitChute the platform will be judged by its user content. Specifically, that which has been previously banned by Patreon. It is true that we do have users such as Lauren Southern who fit into this category. But I still think this may be a mistake as in the July 2017 Rubin Report interview with Jack Conte it was established that banned users can be platformed by other Patreon creators without resulting in further bans.

YouTube link, we don’t have this one on BitChute 🙁

What’s next?

We’ve been promised another reply to these concerns on Monday. So we’ll see what they say and hopefully, this can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. If you are one of our existing Patrons thank you for again for your support. We’ve been told no money has been deducted from your accounts this month and whether or not it will again we’ll have to wait and see.

Have a great weekend

Ray Vahey