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"Quite interesting project. I am curator of a micro-currency in Germany called Rheingold. It is based on cash. Therefore the problem of "trust" is not solved. However, we do not have a central bank giving money as credit, but here, every…"

Jan 7, 2011

"Dear Satoshi, Could you propose a text for our regular p2p blog, with eventual responses to the main questions here? Our regular blog has a lot more readers (about 10x) than our Ning community blog, Michel"

Mar 24, 2010

"No, nothing like LETS at all. LETS is book entry for one, and for another the total amount of currency is always zero. When you issue a credit to someone else because they've done something for you, you receive a debit. The trouble with a LETS…"

Mar 22, 2010

"As far as I can understand it we are dealing here with another glorified form of LETS, or CCs in electronic form ofcourse. The question is this. How will this help to change the big issues of our world such as global warming, food security,…"

Mar 20, 2010

"The London Mint was unable to make enough small coins in Isaac Newton's day. Private minters stepped in. If bitcoin can't make enough coins and small enough coins so that people can trade at the value they want, then it will be replaced by…"

Mar 15, 2010

"It is a global distributed database, with additions to the database by consent of the majority, based on a set of rules they follow: - Whenever someone finds proof-of-work to generate a block, they get some new coins - The proof-of-work difficulty…"

Feb 18, 2009

Feb 18, 2009

"Hi Satoshi, we are actually really talking about the old Chaumian central stuff. That was because a) it was there b) it was patent free (we have to think a bit about the US). I had a read of your paper on the weekend - thanks a lot for doing that…"

Feb 17, 2009

"Could be. They're talking about the old Chaumian central mint stuff, but maybe only because that was the only thing available. Maybe they would be interested in going in a new direction. A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency as a…"

Feb 15, 2009

Feb 13, 2009

Feb 11, 2009

Feb 11, 2009