Cab Ride

Drive a train, forever, through a dreamlike land.

Transport passengers to their destination.

Watch the world go by.

Listen to chilled out chiptune music.

In Cab Ride you can drive thousands of different train routes through rolling hills, winding tunnels and weaving between the tall buildings of vast cities. You can drive the train for as long as you like. When you're ready to end your journey, hold down the left arrow key to announce the last station. Stopping at stations along the way means you can pick up and drop off passengers. Try and stop at the marker at each station for a high rating. Or don't! It's up to you.

Cab Ride is a casual train simulation, not aiming for real world accuracy, but like a real train, it takes a while to brake. If you're overshooting stations, watch for the alert for the next station and reduce the throttle so you're ready to stop.

You can get the PICO-8 cart on the PICO-8 BBS (also play in your browser there if you prefer)


  • X (PICO-8 'X' button PICO-8 X button image) - horn/start/restart the game
  • C / Z (PICO-8 'O' button PICO-8 O button image)- open/close doors at station (must have stopped just in front of signal)
  • Up - increase braking/decrease throttle
  • Down - accelerate/increase throttle
  • Left - hold down to announce the last station (will end the current journey)
  • Right - turn Express mode on/off aka Screensaver Mode


Programming - Ben Jones / @Powersaurus

Music - Stephen 'rych-t' Jones / Twitter / Instagram / Soundcloud

Based on code from tutorials by Tom Mulgrew licensed under Creative Commons 4 (CC BY 4.0)

Made using PICO-8