We're hiring for Sr. Machine Learning Engineer at The Muse

Our data team is growing, and we’re looking for an experienced Senior Machine Learning Engineer to influence how we develop our data-driven products, in particular our recommendation engines for jobs and content. You'll also help us build and manage our data infrastructure and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to impact key business goals like scalability, client and user satisfaction, etc. You will report to engineering leadership and work closely with our product, customer success, marketing, and sales teams. You’ll help ask the right questions about the business and seek out answers to some key questions that will have great impact on our business and the lives of millions of users who visit our site seeking career satisfaction.


The Muse is the most trusted and beloved career platform, connecting individuals and companies on a more authentic level. We support over 75 million people looking to craft meaningful careers through TheMuse.com and our employer partners. Smart companies work with us to attract today’s top talent, giving candidates the information we need to find the company that is right for them. Why? Because life’s too short to hate your career.

Key questions you’ll help answer

  • How can our data help make deeper, more effective connections between our companies and users in an effort to help as many users as possible find the company that fits their career motivations?
  • How can we provide users with the experience that best matches their current career goals, whether that be jobs for which we recommend they apply or articles we recommend they read to make the next step in their career?
  • How can we use our data to find common career paths? How can we expose these to our users to support them in their journey?

How You’ll Make an Impact

  • You’ll work to provide a more personalized user experience, for example by creating models to recommend jobs and articles to users.
  • You'll be a leading voice for data product roadmap.
  • You’ll offer mentorship and guidance on the best way to use machine learning and data analytics to deliver on a variety of research projects to a variety of teams across the organization.
  • Along with our Data Engineering team, you’ll own all data acquisition channels, both internal and through third-party integrations and ETLs.

Why We’ll Love You

  • You have experience building and production-izing end-to-end Machine Learning systems, particularly recommendation engines, at scale.
  • You are a strong programmer capable of writing high-performance production quality code, preferably in Python or Scala.
  • You have experience with SQL and relational data modeling.
  • You have expertise in statistical methods and experimental design and analysis.
  • You’re an excellent communicator who wants to work alongside smart team members to build great products.
  • Like us, you’re all about cross team mentorship and professional growth.

Why You’ll Love Us

  • You’ll work with great people who have a lot of enthusiasm with an appropriate acknowledgment of work-life balance while also maintaining a natural & comfortable drive to achieve great things.
  • We’re committed to data! We zealously collect and collate information from our systems and have already accumulated billions of data points on everything from on-site behavior to sales activities.
  • We behave ethically—While we believe that we need data to make better decisions, we respect our users’ privacy and never engage in any dark or grey collection patterns.
  • You’ll work at a tech company founded by two badass women who believe transparency is important.
  • We really try to share as much as they can about changes to The Muse strategy, board meetings, and when they are wrestling with big company-wide decisions etc..
  • The Muse actually has—and sticks to—a “no assholes” policy, so you can come to work everyday knowing you will always be surrounded by good people who genuinely care about you.
  • We invest in growing our people—personally and professionally
  • We offer unlimited vacation—and we mean it!

At The Muse, we believe that great ideas come from anywhere. We support a collaborative environment and value open participation from individuals with different ideas, experiences, and perspectives. We believe having a diverse team makes The Muse a more interesting and innovative place to work, and we strive every day to make The Muse a welcoming and inclusive place for all.

If this could be your dream job, please submit a cover letter and resume, so we can get to know you a little better.