— The Rsync Client for Mac

Still using FTP? Truck hauls data 30x faster thanks to its modern rsync engine (included) which compresses, de-duplicates and encrypts – giving significantly higher performance and security, right from the first transfer. Setup takes 3 clicks (no command line), then just drag-and-drop to transfer. Unlock the performance of rsync with the simplicity of Truck.

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How much faster is Truck?
18x faster – uploading a new installation of WordPress.
30x faster – downloading a used instance of WordPress.
12x faster – sending an app to another computer in the office.
Comparisons were made versus the fastest, market-leading FTP and SFTP apps and native SMB sharing.
No data was pre-existing at the destination, these were all first-time transfers – all gains are thanks to rsync’s compression and de-duplication.

Download now  and try for free, or jump to  screenshots | features

Download now  and try for free, or jump to  more videos | features | system requirements

Download now  and try for free, or jump to  system requirements

– Upload and download via rsync by dragging-and-dropping. – Browse, rename, copy, move and delete remote files very quickly and easily. – Works over a securely encrypted SSH tunnel (no setup required). – Includes the latest rsync 3.1.3 (no command-line interaction required). – Connects to any remote machine. – Checkboxes to quickly enable rsync’s most powerful features – such as backups/version-controlling, bandwidth-management, retention of partial transfers, etc. – Push-update the remote system’s version of rsync (includes precompiled binaries to suit a variety of remote machines). – Advanced GUI controls to selectively tune over 125 other rsync options. Even application-defined defaults can be overridden for a near-command-line level of control. – Autocompletion and inline documentation provided for each option. – Specify when the option applies (e.g. when uploading/downloading/both). – Enable ‘scavenging’: a preference to boost transfers by systematically employing rsync’s –copy-dest option; essentially reusing data from existing files in recently-visited directories. Fuzzy matching means that even files that are non-identical can be used as a basis for boosting. – Filter rules to include/exclude items based on text matching (or advanced pattern matching). – Toggle visibility of hidden files. – Specify ‘initial paths’ – for connecting straight into the given directory. – Fine tune custom preferences for each direction (upload/download) for each server. – Save multiple Favourites and work with multiple servers in multiple windows. – Bonjour browsing to easily connect to servers found nearby. – Use your SSH RSA private key instead of a password to connect to AWS, Google Cloud, etc. – An ‘Open Terminal Here’ action to quickly jump into an SSH session in – pre-authenticated and ready in the right directory. – Detailed operation logging. – Filter any view of files and use the keyboard to navigate.

Certified for use with:

– Google Cloud. – Amazon AWS. – Dreamhost. – (And works with any other service provider offering standard rsync-over-SSH.)

Other features in the pipe:

– Native rsync protocol support (in addition to the current rsync-over-ssh). – Scheduled transfers. – A ‘get info’ panel with full support for ownership and permissions management.

– A history panel with granular operation logging.