Australia news live updates: tennis stars enter Covid isolation, as Queensland denies hotel quarantine breach

By Matilda Boseley


One historical case recorded in Queensland.




Madison Keys contracts Covid-19, drops out of Australian Open


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Qld coronavirus update now expected 10.30AEDT .. 930 Qld time

January 14, 2021




Greenhouse gas emissions from Chevron’s Gorgon LNG facility have increased because the company’s carbon capture system is not working properly, meaning more carbon dioxide is being vented into the atmosphere.

Environment groups have blasted the Western Australian government for not imposing penalties on the energy company after documents revealed sand was clogging the injection system designed to bury up to 4m tonnes of carbon dioxide a year under Barrow Island.

The Conservation Council of WA said Chevron should be forced to shut the plant down until it can demonstrate its carbon capture and storage (CCS) was working.

The council’s director, Piers Verstegen, said the project had been “a disaster from the beginning” and should concern the Morrison government which has championed gas developments and the deployment of CCS technology.

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The mother of a child with special needs has won a two-year battle against Services Australia after the agency demanded she pay back more than $27,000 in carer’s payments.

In a judgment published this week, the top tier of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal found mistakes by Centrelink had put Cassandra Clark under “additional strain” and “impacted on her mental health”.

In November 2018, Clark was issued a $27,000 welfare debt over alleged overpayments between September 2013 and October 2018.

After Clark challenged the decision, the AAT found in January 2019 that the overpayment was the result of Services Australia’s own mistakes, known as “sole administrative error”.

Services Australia had set her rate of carer payment without taking into account details of Clark’s partner’s income as a sole trader, which she had provided to the agency.

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