Fraud Prevention 101 | Education Is Prevention

FP101* does what it says on the tin! This three plus hour course is a wonderful introduction to the world of fraud. What can at first seem a dense and frightening topic is explained in clear precise language that is easy to understand. Short lessons keep the subject matter approachable, allowing the newly acquired knowledge to sink in, and the brief tests at the end of each section make sure knowledge is gained rather than glossed over. Each lesson is clearly titled allowing for easy movement should one want to look back at a particular part of the course, and the seminar is truly all- inclusive, covering a wide array of topics ranging from Ponzi schemes to the more modern dangers of internet scams, touching on all possible fraudulent perils in-between! There is a sense of humour throughout FP101* that adds a surprising element of lightness to what might otherwise seem a very dry topic. This constant wittiness and use of metaphor helps keep the lessons fast-paced and the injections of humour draw us away from the grey border area of moodiness the word “fraud” initially evokes, instead allowing us to chuckle our way to new knowledge. Clever, colourful animated graphics further aid this, adding a pleasing visual element. The author/narrator Dave Tracy comes across as very well-informed, sincere, and on-the-ball with every topic he covers. This seminar is especially ideal for those first setting off in life that need to protect themselves from the perils they will encounter in the “real world.” It would also equally benefit the older market, educating themselves on the new dangers in this ever-changing globe. All in all, if you are interested in learning about fraud and how to protect yourself from it, FP101* could be the course

for you!

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