Introducing Spaces - The Quora Blog

By Abhinav Sharma

The knowledge on Quora is made up of millions of individual questions, answers, posts, links, and comments. In a library this vast, it can be hard to find the exact type of content that interests you. Today we're excited to announce the launch of Spaces, a new feature that allows people to curate collections and form communities around shared interests and tastes. 

Spaces can be used in a number of different ways, and we're launching with a diverse set of creators that reflect the range of possibilities. For example:

  • A group of people can work together to curate the most interesting answers and links about a particular area of interest, such as Farm-to-Plate or SaaS Daily.
  • An individual can use spaces to organize their own writing into different sections, as Robert Frost is doing with his collection of his Space Exploration answers, Mac Tan with his posts on the US Midterm Election, and Salon with their Culture and Politics articles.
  • A community of people can create a space to have shared conversations with each other, like Science Lounge or Defense Quorum.

You can discover more spaces to follow in the Spaces tab. We're still in the process of rolling out Spaces to everyone, so you might need to wait before this tab becomes available to you.

How can I create a space?

The ability to create new spaces is currently limited to a handful of writers and publishing partners. We'll be using this initial phase to collect feedback, iterate, and ensure that we've built a robust product before releasing it to everyone on Quora. If you have an idea for a new space that you feel is a good fit for this phase, please send us your idea via this form. If approved, you'll be able to add additional contributors. 

What's next?

 This is just the beginning. We're excited to see all of the creative uses that people come up with, and our plan is to develop a flexible system that enables a variety of use cases. Right now, spaces primarily support sharing and discussing Quora content, links, and posts. We're actively developing support for questions and answers that are unique to a space, in addition to other new features that will expand the toolkit available to space creators. 

Spaces will ultimately be shaped by how people use them, and your feedback is invaluable as we continue developing and refining these features. Thank you for being part of Quora. We're excited to see where Spaces takes us!