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Chinese embassy in US allege hacking after retweet of Trump's false election claim

The Chinese embassy in the US has said its Twitter account was hacked after it retweeted a baseless claim by Donald Trump accusing the Democrats of cheating in the election.

Late on Wednesday night in the US, Trump posted: “If somebody cheated in the election, which the Democrats did, why wouldn’t the election be immediately overturned? How can a country be run like this?”

The post, which now carries a Twitter warning that the claim of election fraud is “disputed”, was retweeted within minutes by the official account for the Chinese government’s presence in the US, catching the eye of social media users.

The embassy then tweeted that it had not done any retweeting on 9 December. “The Chinese embassy Twitter account was hacked this afternoon and we condemn such an act,” it said.

davidshepardson (@davidshepardson)

Interesting retweet

December 9, 2020

China’s government formally congratulated Joe Biden on winning the election on 26 November.

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