After quadrupling online sales growth, the CEO of streaming fitness and athleisure wear brand Alo Yoga explains why the company is expanding into skincare

By Bethany Biron

Alo Yoga CEO and cofounder Danny Harris has never viewed his company as a clothing brand, but rather a destination for "well-being."

Since its conception in Los Angeles in 2007, Alo Yoga's mission has been "to spread good by bringing yoga to the world," through both its popular apparel — beloved by celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift — and its streaming fitness and meditation platform.

Now, the activewear company is taking the next step in becoming a full-fledged lifestyle brand by debuting its first line of beauty products, a skincare collection made with antioxidant-rich amla berries.

"The reason why we got into this space is because when you're on this path of well-being, mindfulness, health, and wellness, this is the natural progression," Harris told Business Insider. "We have been addressing fitness through the practice of yoga and many other things through meditation, but that's only part of the story."

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In order to develop the "Alo Glow System" — which includes a facial cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and body wash, among other items — Harris said Alo Yoga convened a team of nutritionists, doctors, scientists, and nutritionist formulators.

"The antioxidant fights off the free radical, which creates damage to our skin, to ourselves," he said.  

Alo Yoga Glow System
The full Alo Glow System line.
Alo Yoga

Moving into the beauty and skincare market is an extension of Alo Yoga's mission to become a holistic wellness brand, Harris said. In addition to its athletic wear and athleisure apparel for men and women, the company also operates Alo Moves, a $20 monthly fitness subscription program that offers unlimited yoga and meditation. 

"For us, its about this whole lifestyle of mindfulness, living a healthier life, feeling better, and inspiring people really to get into meditation, yoga, fitness, or well-being,"he said. "One of the greatest ways you can in fact do that is through beauty products."

The skincare collection will ultimately serve as another revenue stream for the company, which has fared particularly well during the pandemic. According to Harris, online sales across Alo Yoga and Alo Moves have quadrupled year-over-year, as Americans seek out both comfortable clothes for working from home and alternatives to going to the gym

"Overall, we've done very well because we're such a big digital brand," he said. "We have our digital platform, Alo Moves, we have our website, our social media — we're so huge on digital."

Still, Harris added that Alo Yoga's eight brick-and-mortar locations in New York and California have struggled due to diminished capacity levels and lower foot traffic. While the company has plans to eventually open more physical locations, Harris said in the meantime it will double down on e-commerce.

"Our stores today are running at 20% occupancy," he said. "That's hard. A lot of times people don't want to stand out in the cold and wait in line. [The pandemic has] impacted our brick and mortar significantly, but our digital business, which happens to be our largest community, has really thrived through this crisis."