The FBI raided a New Jersey lab and urged people who went there for COVID-19 tests to get re-tested

By Rebecca Ungarino

The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Newark, New Jersey office is urging people who received tests for COVID-19 at a laboratory located on the Jersey Shore to get new tests, according to a Friday public service announcement

"If you were recently tested for COVID-19 at Infinity Diagnostic Laboratory, located at 6715 Atlantic Avenue, Ventnor, N.J., you are urged to be retested as soon as possible," the notice said. 

The day prior, FBI agents raided the Jersey Shore lab, but the bureau did not specify why, NBC's Philadelphia affiliate first reported. A sign in the lab's window on Thursday advertised "rapid" antibody and active virus testing, but that sign was taken down Friday, according to the report. 

Business Insider's request for comment to an email address listed on the lab's website and a call to a phone number affiliated with the lab were not returned, and Infinity did not respond to NBC Philadelphia's requests for comment.

The FBI's notice said so-called "rapid" finger-prick blood tests for COVID-19 are antibody tests and should not be used for the purpose of diagnosing active cases of the virus. 

"Only a test that uses a nasal swab or saliva should be used to diagnose active cases of COVID-19," the notice said.

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NBC Philadelphia spoke with one New York City resident, Jodie Kirsch, who was tested at Infinity's Ventnor location and said she questioned her form of payment to the lab. 

"I thought it was a little weird that they didn't accept credit cards, that I had to pay cash or Venmo," Kirsch told NBC Philadelphia. 

The FBI also cautioned in its public notice that only a test using a nasal swab or saliva "should be used to diagnose active cases of COVID-19." If a person was tested at Infinity Diagnostic Laboratory using a finger-prick blood test, the FBI also asked that they contact the FBI at