Every Great Black Friday Deal on Google Devices

By Matt Jancer Gear Team

The Pixel 4A is a good deal if you want a solid phone, don't care (yet) about 5G network compatibility, and aren't in need of the Pixel 5's higher-end specs. In short, it's all the phone you really need, and that's why WIRED's smartphone reviewer extraordinaire Julian Chokkattu gave it a coveted 9/10 in his review. Like with the Pixel 5 deal, you have to activate the phone at the time of purchase on Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, and Sprint will also give you a total of $150 off if you open a new line.

Stadia Premiere Edition—Game Streaming—for $70 ($30 off)


WIRED's Jess Grey was lukewarm about the Stadia when it launched last year. But despite its drawbacks, she still recommends it as being a way cheaper path into console gaming than buying a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. Faster-paced games tend to suffer from lag, but she found the gameplay of slower-paced titles was pretty good.

Smart Display Deals

Photograph: Best Buy

Smart home hubs give smart devices a way to communicate with each other. Whether you choose a command center with a screen or just a speaker, having a hub (or several) to tie the rest of your devices together makes all of them run a lot more smoothly.

Nest Hub for $50 ($40 off)

Target, Walmart, Best Buy

The Nest Hub lacks a security camera, and its speaker is nothing to write home about, but if you're building out a smart home with stand-alone security cameras and speakers—which is the best way of doing it—there's little need to pay extra for a hub with these features built in. I've been using one for six months, and its 7-inch screen is more than enough to view from across my apartment. Walmart's deal includes a $20 Vudu credit for watching television shows and movies on its streaming channel.

Nest Hub Max for $180 ($50 off)

Target, Walmart, Best Buy, B&H Photo Video

The Hub Max isn't perfect. When I reviewed it, I noted that its camera's lack of night vision made it a poor choice for a security camera, but the Max's 10-inch touchscreen and better speakers give it a leg up on its smaller 7-inch-screen Nest Hub, especially if you'll be gazing at it across a large room.

Nest Mini for $29 ($20 off)

Target, Walmart