7777 - Your remote AWS database on your local port 7777

Black bear.

Can I use a port number different than 7777?

Yes, but we will silently disapprove.

How do I install 7777?

7777 is a CLI program: it's a binary that you download and run in your terminal.

Is the CLI command really "7777"?

Yes, we were surprised to see that it works fine! For our next product name, we are now considering an emoji or a non-breakable space.

How is my AWS database available through my own computer's port 7777?

7777 creates what is called an "SSH tunnel". The tunnel forwards everything from your port 7777 to the database transparently. And it does so via an intermediary server: a "jump server", aka bastion.

All of this is pretty standard, but quite complex to setup. 7777 sets all of that up in one command, and destroys it when you stop the command.

Is this secure?

The connection between your computer and your database is fully encrypted by the standard SSH protocol, via a randomly generated key.

Nothing goes to (or through) 3rd party servers, everything stays between your laptop and your AWS account. Yes, the Fargate container runs in your account, and we cannot access it.

Does it work with MySQL Workbench|TablePlus|Sequel Pro|…?

Yes, just point it at localhost:7777 and use your database login and password. You don't need to create a SSH connection or do anything more.

What about "publicly accessible RDS databases"?

If you make your AWS database "publicly accessible" (there's an option for that), then you don't need 7777 because you can connect to your database directly.

AWS recommends to not make database public and instead put them in a VPC: that's where 7777 becomes useful, because connecting to the database becomes much harder.

I already have a jump server/bastion set up, is 7777 for me?

If everything is working fine for you, then you probably don't need 7777. That being said, 7777 avoids having a server run 24/7, which saves money.

Is it written in [Go|PHP|JavaScript|Haskell]?

We've written the program in TypeScript, but the binary is completely self-contained. You do not need NodeJS.

If you've ever wondered what happens when PHP developers write a TypeScript program, then download 7777 to find out!

Can I get an invoice?

Yes! Sales are made through Paddle, which provides invoices.

Can I change computers with the "Solo" version?

Yes! Don't worry about "un-registering" anything: just install 7777 on your new computer and run it. You will receive an email to approve your new computer. Any previously used computer will be automatically unregistered.