Kubernetes Explained Simply: #3 What Do I Have Permissions For?

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Stretching as far back as version 1.8 (in September of 2017), Kubernetes has supported a fine-grained access control mechanism called RBAC.  Nothing gets done via the Kubernetes API that isn't governed by some sort permission or another, and there are a lot of them.

Couple that with per-deployment service accounts, named user access credentials, and project-specific namespaces, and you've got the makings of a complex authorization scenario.

At times, you'll wonder precisely which permissions you, or a service account you use, have been granted – that's when you should reach for

kubectl auth can-i

To see everything you can do:

$ kubectl auth can-i --list
Resources Non-Resource URLs Resource Names Verbs
*.* [] [] [*] [*] [] [*]
selfsubjectaccessreviews.authorization.k8s.io [] [] [create]
selfsubjectrulesreviews.authorization.k8s.io [] [] [create] [/api/*] [] [get] [/api] [] [get] [/apis/*] [] [get] [/apis] [] [get] [/healthz] [] [get] [/healthz] [] [get] [/livez] [] [get] [/livez] [] [get] [/openapi/*] [] [get] [/openapi] [] [get] [/readyz] [] [get] [/readyz] [] [get] [/version/] [] [get] [/version/] [] [get] [/version] [] [get] [/version] [] [get]

You can also just ask the API to see if a given action is allowed:

$ kubectl auth can-i get pods -n default
yes $ kubectl auth can-i get pods -n kube-system
yes $ echo $?

These commands exit 0 if such access would be allowed, and 1 if not, making them handy for use inside of shell scripts or other automation:

if ! kubectl auth can-i create secrets; then echo >&2 "You cannot create secrets. Please contact your k8s admin." exit 4
# etc.

Check out the Video!

Want more?  Curious what happens when an unprivileged

 is involved?  Then check out the video and learn you some access control!

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