Interview with Jacob, a Site Reliability Engineer

By Jacob Bednarz

In my previous role, I was travelling for the better part of three hours each day (when there weren't any train delays!).

After doing the long commute for a few years, I came to a crossroads. I wanted to take the next step in my professional development, but I also decided I wanted to spend less time on the train and more time with my wife.

I put together a list of qualities I wanted in my next position as well as the maximum amount of time I wanted to spend commuting.

With this list, I started looking around and talking to recruiters and colleagues about available local positions. However, nothing really got close to the goals I had set.

To be fair, I didn't live near any capital cities or sexy tech/startup locations, so most of my searches ended up at small boutique web shops which would lack much of the professional development I was looking for.

One night, as I was scrolling through an online job board, the location filter of "Remote" triggered a lightbulb moment.

Working remotely wasn't something I had previously done in a full-time capacity. Sure, my existing role occasionally allowed me to work from home. However, it was never a well-defined thing, but rather a perk unique to myself and another colleague due to the distance we travelled.

After that night's epiphany, I began searching more and more for remote work.

As luck would have it, I was following someone on Twitter that had become a recent alumni of Envato who, despite going off to his own startup, was spruiking the available roles and how great the whole environment was.

I ended up checking out the jobs page and politely DM'd him some further questions about a role. He then put in a note to the recruitment team to have a chat with me and the rest is history!