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Hands On With The Most Open-Source, High-Performance System For 2018

While there are several vendors working on open-source hardware systems with goals of fully open designs and open-source software down to the firmware, there is only one vendor that has achieved that mission while delivering server/workstation class performance as we approach the end of 2018... Raptor Computing Systems' Talos II. We finally have this dual POWER9 system in our labs for some interesting benchmarks ahead.

43 Minutes Ago - Hardware - Talos II
Apple's New Hardware With The T2 Security Chip Will Currently Block Linux From Booting

Apple's MacBook Pro laptops have become increasingly unfriendly with Linux in recent years while their Mac Mini computers have generally continued working out okay with most Linux distributions due to not having to worry about multiple GPUs, keyboards/touchpads, and other Apple hardware that often proves problematic with the Linux kernel. But now with the latest Mac Mini systems employing Apple's T2 security chip, they took are likely to crush any Linux dreams.

3 Hours Ago - Hardware - T2 Security
KDE Connect 1.10 Released To Improve The Android Device Integration

KDE Connect is the interesting project allowing communication/sharing between your KDE desktop and an Android smartphone/tablet whether it be multimedia content, text messages, or files and more. KDE Connect 1.10 further enhances this interesting effort to bridge Android mobile devices to the KDE desktop.

7 Hours Ago - KDE - KDE Connect
The Many New Features of The Linux 4.20 Kernel

With Linus Torvalds having just released Linux 4.20-rc1, here is our original feature overview looking at the major changes merged over the past two weeks for this new kernel. The Linux kernel will be ending 2018 on a high note with this kernel bringing more than 350 thousand lines of new code!

4 November 06:53 PM EST - Software
Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SSD - A Great Drive For A Growing Steam Linux Game Collection

If you are looking for more solid-state storage to suit a growing collection of Linux games especially now with Steam Play allowing for many Windows games to run rather nicely on Linux, the Samsung 860 EVO 2TB SATA 3.0 SSD is a nice contender and what I ended up going with for the purpose of the Steam Linux game collection.

4 November 02:46 PM EST - Hardware - Samsung 860 EVO
AMD Zen 2 CPU Support Merged To GCC 9 (-march=znver2)

It was just days ago that AMD published their Zen 2 compiler patch for the GCC compiler but with the race on to merge new feature code before the feature freeze happening later this month, that "znver2" tuning patch has now been merged to mainline.

4 November 09:09 AM EST - AMD - znver2
WattmanGTK Is A Simple GUI For Radeon Power/Performance Knobs On Linux

Unfortunately nothing has panned out from previous remarks made by AMD about potentially open-sourcing their Qt-based Radeon Settings control panel used on Windows so that it could be ported to Linux. The latest we've heard from AMD is that they aren't officially pursuing a GUI control panel for their Linux graphics driver but leaving it up to the different desktop environments to implement their own driver user-interfaces. One of the new community solutions in the absence of an official Radeon GUI for Linux is WattmanGTK.

4 November 06:21 AM EST - Radeon - WattmanGTK
Noctua Air Cooling With The AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX

With this week's launch of the Ryzen Threadripper 2920X and 2970WX, the new 24-core / 48-thread 2970WX has a 250 Watt TDP like the 2990WX. Fortunately, with Noctua's high-end TR4/SP3 heatsinks, it's still possible to get by with air cooling.

3 November 09:43 AM EDT - AMD - Heatsink Benchmarks
Wayland's Weston Is In Severe Need Of More Development Help

If you want to dive into the world of Wayland development or the Linux graphics stack as a possible career move, beginning with Weston would be a wise choice and they could really benefit from all the development resources they can receive.

3 November 06:49 AM EDT - Wayland - Weston Resources Low
SiFive Unleashes New 7-Series RISC-V Cores With Better Performance

SiFive this week announced their 7-Series RISC-V cores with the 32-bit E7, 64-bit S7, and 64-bit U7 series. These new RISC-V parts aren't yet capable of running up against the fastest ARM Cortex CPU cores available today, but they are much more powerful than the previous-gen SiFive cores.

3 November 06:34 AM EDT - Hardware - SiFive 7-Series
AMD Sends Out Linux Temperature Driver Patches For Zen 2 CPUs

It looks like my report on AMD kicking off Zen 2 Linux enablement from last month is panning out. Earlier this week they posted the initial AMD Zen 2 "znver2" support for the GCC compiler and they are ending the week back in kernel space with an updated hardware monitoring driver for being able to report the CPU core temperatures of these CPUs shipping in 2019.

2 November 05:09 PM EDT - AMD - Zen 2 Temperature Monitoring
Intel Already Posts First Open-Source Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 4.21~5.1

The merge window isn't even over yet for the current Linux kernel cycle that will end in late December or early January, but Intel's stellar open-source crew responsible for their kernel graphics driver have already sent out their first set of changes to DRM-Next for what will start 2019 with either the Linux 4.21 cycle or 5.1 depending upon how the 4.20~5.0 versioning is decided.

2 November 08:07 AM EDT - Intel - Intel i915 DRM
An Open Letter To Solus From Its Founder Ikey Doherty

Solus, the promising Linux distribution started back in 2015 by Ikey Doherty that led to the creation of its own "Budgie" desktop, has been without its founder since this summer. While the circumstances under his decision to fade away from the project aren't clear, he is well and has shared this message to relay with the community.

2 November 07:05 AM EDT - Operating Systems - Solus Letter
Linux Kernel Developers Begin Figuring Out Vendor-Specific RISC-V Code

With the increasingly popular RISC-V open-source processor instruction set architecture (ISA), there is the possibility for vendor-specific instruction set extensions. At this point the kernel has no infrastructure in place for its RISC-V port to allow for such bits, but that is being worked on as part of bringing up AndeStar RISC-V CPUs under the Linux kernel.

2 November 06:21 AM EDT - Hardware - Vendor-Specific RISC-V
Steam Survey Reports The Latest Linux Gaming Marketshare For October

October was very interesting for Linux gaming with no AAA native game ports released but a heck of a lot more Windows games are now running nicely on Linux thanks to Steam Play / Proton / DXVK. So it's quite interesting to see Valve's just-published monthly Steam Survey results for the month prior.

1 November 08:11 PM EDT - Valve - With Little Change
WebP Image Support Appears Ready For Firefox 65

After Microsoft added support for the WebP image format to their Edge browser last month, Mozilla is finally preparing to ship the Firefox browser with support for WebP. If all goes well, Firefox 65 will support WebP!

1 November 03:22 PM EDT - Mozilla - WebP + Firefox
The Faster FUSE Has Been Fused Into Linux 4.20

While File-Systems in User-Space (FUSE) have been notorious for being slow, with time FUSE has become a lot faster and with this current Linux 4.20 (5.0) development cycle there are yet more performance optimizations.

1 November 11:01 AM EDT - Linux Storage - Linux 4.20 FUSE
NVIDIA Stabilizes Its Vulkan/OpenGL Ray-Tracing Extension

It was just in mid-September that NVIDIA introduced its ray-tracing extension for Vulkan as VK_NVX_raytracing with it debuting as an "experimental" feature along with OpenGL/GLSL functionality. Already they seem happy with the design that it's being promoted to stable.

1 November 06:29 AM EDT - Vulkan - NV_ray_tracing
Mesa 18.3 Has A Busy Last Day Of Feature Development

The branching of Mesa 18.3 is imminent and expected to happen anytime now. The Mesa developers of the different drivers have been very busy in merging their last-minute feature work for this final quarterly feature update to end out 2018.

1 November 06:19 AM EDT - Mesa - Mesa 18.3