Introducing Volutus - The Cloud of the Future

Volutus is an edge co-location and data center as a platform service, stitching together a network of fully-managed micro data centers deeply embedded in the urban fabric—literally at the base of cell towers.

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Leverage our fast-growing network of managed micro data centers woven into the urban fabric, extending your cloud to the true edge of the wireless network. Partner with us to build your edge cloud with thousands of locations, exactly where you need them.

Volutus will bring forth a new class of low-latency edge applications—including IoT, virtual and augmented reality, smart cities, and connected cars—where cloud services need to be located more closely to the device or application.

Volutus extends the cloud by deploying thousands of small, regional and micro-regional data centers at the base of cell towers, directly cross-connecting to the wireless networks and providing direct fiber routes back to your centralized and regional data centers. We deploy your hardware to our locations, then give you the software tools to remotely operate and manage them.

We have partnerships with large owners of shared wireless infrastructure to build out ideal edge locations in every major city.

Volutus runs highly-automated “lights out” remote network operations. Monitor and control your equipment in thousands of locations, from anywhere, with our APIs and browser-based portal.

We offer reliability and resiliency through software and our data centers “snap together” like legos thanks to Open19.

Our edge data centers have direct fiber routes back to regional data centers and peering interconnects for the fastest possible data connections.

By locating our micro data centers at the base of cell towers we can directly cross- connect to the radio access networks, in the lowest-latency way.

We provide API access to our software-defined data centers, allowing for highly-automated configuration and orchestration of environments.

By co-locating your equipment with Volutus, you can easily add edge tiers to your private or public cloud. Build applications and services that span this distributed fabric of compute, pushing workloads all the way out to within yards of the end consumer, whether you’re steering an autonomous vehicle or delivering an augmented reality app to a smartphone.

Only Volutus brings you physically closer to the end user, delivers programmable infrastructure with real time responsiveness, provides seamless mesh wireless across licensed and unlicensed spectrum, and delivers the fastest direct fiber path back to regional and centralized data centers.

Volutus is powered by Vapor Edge Computing, a suite of software and hardware technologies developed by Vapor IO.

The Vapor Chamber is a highly-efficient, circular, racking and enclosure system that is ideal for edge locations. All Volutus customer equipment is housed in Vapor Chambers for ease of operation and remote management.

All Volutus customers get access to a real time data feed and API that lets them remotely view and control their equipment. This systems is based on Vapor IO’s OpenDCRE and is powered by a network of Vapor Edge Controllers in each location.

Volutus incorporates Vapor IO’s distributed data center management software and delivers it as a service to its customers. Customers log into the Vapor Portal to view and manage their equipment from any location.

Volutus has partnered with providers of shared wireless infrastructure to identify thousands of locations suitable for delivery of edge services in the top 100 metro areas in the US. These locations will receive Volutus edge data centers based on the forecasted demand from our customers and partners.

Volutus and its partners have identified thousands of locations for Volutus edge services. By partnering with Volutus, customers benefit from a nationwide footprint of wireless infrastructure facilities that they neither need to own or operate.

Delivering low-latency edge services requires the fastest possible connections. Every Volutus location includes direct fiber routes to regional data centers and peer interconnection points, eliminating multiple network hops.

Next-generation edge services will depend on optimizing services for wireless networks using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum. Volutus provides unique access to the RF networks, including real time congestion and latency telemetry.

Volutus edge services will unlock the next generation of cloud-based services, especially those that require low latency response times or are involved with ingesting and analyzing edge data in conjunction with core data center capabilities.

Millions of sensors and control grids will be built directly into our city infrastructure. These include light sensors, motion sensors, traffic sensors, and video cameras, as well as systems for traffic signaling, wireless connectivity, public utilities, and emergency response. These systems will benefit from Volutus, by allowing them to be operated and secured using cloud services.

A car going 60 Mph travels half the distance of a football field every 5 seconds and in this kind of environment, every millisecond matters. Current estimates suggest an autonomous car will generate 200 TB of data each day and will require a 3 millisecond response time to make a cloud-based decision using real time data.

Today’s virtual and augmented reality devices require heavy backpacks or force you to be tethered to the equipment. Volutus data centers will make it possible to deliver completely mobile virtual and augmented reality by rendering and serving imagery from nearby micro data centers.

A lot of today’s IoT and Industrial IoT requires complicated and expensive on-premises equipment, such as gateways and ruggedized field-deployed servers in order to manage the data deluge and deliver low-latency responses. Over time, most customers will want to run these capabilities on cloud-based servers to ease deployment, increase reliability and reduce capital expenses.

The telco carriers are under great pressure to upgrade their networks in cost-effective ways, which means moving their Radio Access Network (RAN) capabilities off of proprietary hardware and onto commodity servers. By placing these servers in Volutus facilities, carriers can be guaranteed a direct fiber connection to their RF equipment with sub-millisecond latency, which is required to control the radio networks

Volutus data centers will make it easier to deploy Artificial intelligence at the edge in support of hyper-local and low-latency applications. Models can be trained in core data centers, then pushed to Volutus edge locations for real-time decision support.

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