By RevK

One of the things that has always slightly amused and puzzled me is that unicode lacks a "cock" glyph. I mean, it seems to have characters and symbols from modern and historic cultures and forms of writing, and surely cave men have been drawing dicks on cave walls for tens of thousands of years, so why is this missing? I can only assume someone is being prudish, and oddly enough people have used the eggplant 🍆 emoji for this, amongst others, so clearly there is a "demand" for this emoji. What I never realised, until now, is there would appears to be one already, thanks to Egyptian Hieroglyphs! There seem to be three of them!

𓂸𓂹 𓂺

And for those of you on Windows with a censored font (what a thing!) this is what they look like.
They are rather innocuously named U+130B8: EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH D052, U+130B9: EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH D052A, and U+130BA: EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPH D053. I cannot actually work out what the middle one is meant to be doing, to be honest. Looks painful. Someone will no doubt explain to me that in fact that is not what the hieroglyph is and that I just have a dirty mind, but if that were true, why are they apparently censored in some fonts?

Reference: http://xahlee.info/comp/unicode_egyptian_hieroglyph.html

Who knew?! P.S. Why was I looking for unicode dicks? I was not, but was checking if hieroglyphs worked on my new card printing system, and to my surprise, they do! May have to be time for a new SSID I think :-) P.P.S. (yes, all the daft ones are on 2.4GHz so don't impact any of our devices)
P.P.P.S Wow, what a time to be alive!